I am recommitting to posting on here each day instead of in my personal journal per a conversation I had with my buddy.

I noticed today while spending time with a friend that my nerd disconnects me with discomfort, and that includes people who make me feel unconfortable. There was a period in our conversation in which I disengaged and had thoughts about removing this person from my life ( “unfriending” but fo’ realz). Then something awesome happened. I recognized that all of the negative stuff she had been spewing was about not feeling loved, feeling victimized, and not taking personal responsibility for her emotions.  Instead of making her wrong, I made her laugh while reminding her that her very existence was a miracle,  that she was strong, that she was responsible for her emotions, and that being awesome (she hides) is her obligation to the world. And I got to hear all of it too. And then I felt great.  And connected to my friend. Who heard me because I made her feel good instead of judged.

Other things I am working on this week: feeling empowered at work, saying what I mean, identifying what I want, not taking things personally (4 agreements, Anyone?) And taking care of myself proactively.

Sunday night intention setting for the week: blog each day, create connection, humility, confidence (yes, they should co-exist!).


3 thoughts on “Life

  1. Yay Emileah!!
    To me, this exemplifies what the work is about, and I want to acknowledge you for that conversation.
    I see you making an impact on the world around, creating connection and love. I acknowledge you as someone who integrated the lessons learned about how to shift, how to recognize your nerd and push past the resistance in order to create something wonderful, and someone who is taking a stand for herself and for others.
    Separately, thoughts on having an enrollment conversation with your friend?
    Lastly, thanks for our talk last night and I’m really glad to see you posting this here, where it can be an inspiration to us all.

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  2. NICE. This is so relateable for me. I am constantly trying to manage my judgment of others, particularly those I view as being “stuck in their crap.” Victims, like how I used to be (like how I still am too much of the time). It doesn’t serve me at all, and it certainly doesn’t serve them. Thanks for this! It inspires me to access compassion and keep working on a better approach, particularly with those friends (and I’m thinking of one in particular) where I find myself wanting to just “unfriend” them.


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