EJA Week 2

Happy Monday!  Don’t you just love Mondays?  A new beginning, an opportunity to grow and learn and be your amazing self, but with colleagues!

I had an amazing opportunity this weekend to strike a balance between spending time with family and friends and finding time for myself (choosing to take time to be alone to do things like laundry and creative projects / not avoiding my thoughts and feelings or being preoccupied 100% of the time).  Success!

In the last week I’ve been able to process things much more quickly because getting things onto paper (er, electronic paper) helps me to release them from my overcrowded brain, blow off the fog and muck and seeee them clearly (eventually…. sometimes it takes a few tries).  This has been so incredibly therapeutic and wonderful.  And I will continue to do it!  Thank you all for listening!   I am funneling love into my relationships by being intentional (tomorrow I am taking the day off to spend with my mom on her birthday… her sister is having surgery, so say your prayers. I get to be there for both of them, and that makes me feel really good).  I am also making a holiday present for my roommate, and I think she’s gonna love it.  Plus, I had all weekend to shower my people with love. Here’s to extending the season of emotional generosity into the new year!

On Mondays I like to come back to something that Joshua Ben Glazer, Mystic and Genius, drilled into my head during LP; asking this question: What is our intention?  What is the Goal here?  Stop getting lost in the minutia and lets spend just a moment reconnecting to the vision. What is the vision?  Today I had two jobs come across my desk, and I had to think about whether or not I would go for them… I was just told that I’m being brought on permanently at the beginning of the year (thank you, assertive Emileah) and there is nerdy part of me that feels like I’d be abandoning people, or that I should be ashamed for not having loyalty, etc. But my vision is to create a healthier world so that people can focus on creating love in their lives.  I give myself permission to continue to look for a position.  Loyalty is important to me, and I get to start being loyal to myself first (ok, maybe family first, then me, then work… you know what I mean).

Also, I’ve been noticing I am showing frustration at work, and thats lame and unhelpful.  Just deal with it, EM. Ain’t nobody got time for mini-temper tantrums. Especially in giant, powerful and gorgeous Amazon women.  No more. I have outgrown them.

Going home to eat cardamom birthday ice cream with my mother. Love to all!


4 thoughts on “EJA Week 2

    1. Absolutely Hadar. Both are more Public Health oriented (One is at Children’s Hospital as an adolescent wellness counselor and the other is a program manager at Women Against Abuse, which would have me doing less direct service. Both are in the city, which would drastically reduce my commute time).


  1. Em, I can totally relate to your concern about being loyal or letting people down and think that these are admirable and responsible qualities. I am so glad however that you are thinking about your long term vision and your personal needs. There will be a way to close with your current position with dignity and responsibly should you choose another direction. Having been an HR Manager for most of my adult life, I can say that if the situation were reversed, if the company needed to move in a different direction they would make decisions that would support their needs. So kudos for looking out for your own needs and I am excited to hear more about where you are looking to take your career and if these positions end up being something you are excited about. Hugs!


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