In my ALP, we had a joke that Brandon was like Jesus… he talked about “making time” to do things, and it felt literal, like he was somehow creating more time.   Tonight I had the thought, “I didn’t have time during the day to read the blog posts of others”. This is an untruth. I could have made time. And I am really looking forward to reading those posts in the morning (I am prioritizing sleep; I also thought tonight, “why don’t I sleep more?” I’m making it a self care goal!
I spent today with my mom on her birthday. We drank Chai tea and we were kind and colored together and talked. We waited in the hospital while her sister had a large tumor removed and learned together that it was benign. It was a good day.  I funneled love. I think that, as with all things, when you start to practice something it gets easier.
I also spoke with my sister, and noticed that when I hold back, the magic is missing.  When I offer support, share about my life, and create intimacy we both open up and sprinkle everything with sister love fairy dust.



3 thoughts on “Time

  1. So, here’s something supernatural that happens to me with time: when I’m my word, I swear to God it slows down, substantially. I mean, part of this is because when you’re your word, that means you likely did things urgently, and you got them done by a certain time — so, naturally, you have more time. When you’re not your word, you’re procrastinating, wasting time, etc. But — I swear — when I’m my word, it’s not just like I have more time, it’s like it literally goes slower. I look at the clock thinking a half hour passed and it was only ten minutes. Craziness.

    The time with your mom sounds like it was great, and what great news about her sister! And yeah, I need to remember that with regard to my relationship with my sister. I wonder why she seems closed off and judgmental, and it’s like, how about I take a look at how I’M being. Thanks for your post!


  2. Thanks Kyla! I love that- Time slows down when you are your word. I am going to start paying attention to that.


  3. Going through the same feelings re: posts and thinking “Damn it, what are there so many friggin posts to read?!?” and remembering that I encouraged both you and Kyla to continue posting each day…so now I GET to continue supporting you by reading and commenting on them all so you know we’re here and picking up what you put out!

    New challenge: making time to read posts while being responsible with the rest of my life! Making time indeed…

    Glad to hear news about your aunt.


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