We are so powerful

I noticed I procrastinated or was not as excited to write today. My resistance comes from me having an ultra nerd moment last week. Resistance or not…here we go!

Let’s get the easy stuff out the way first:

Goal Progress-First 15 days by Dec 6th: Research and pick 3 spots and date for trip. I picked Costa Rica, Florida, and Dominican Republic to research. Dates I picked are Feb 26th to March 1st. (I need to pick backup dates) I did not do much research I just picked based on flight times and the fact that I have wanted to go to Costa Rica.

2)  Be open loving and all the things I want my partner to be.
Committed, passionate, loving and joyful. Be supportive, fun, good communicator, open, and loving. Support and empower others around me.

I have been good at this and bad. What I have noticed is how powerful we are and the impact we have. I have made others feel loved and important and that they matter. This feels amazing! One instance that was great was today when I walked in Starbucks and the barista was like, “Your the girl who asked me how my holidays were last month and my family. Where are you from? Your not from around here? You must be from the south? ”  She went on and you could see her light up that I had asked about her family and it was something that made her smile today.

As for a time where I did not do so good. I made a comment to someone who works for me about what was taking so long with a project because it was really simple and I would have had it done already. I  mean we did task two people to do it and it still is not done.  What I didn’t realize until after I said it was that I really hurt my friend’s feelings. She told me later I made her feel incompetent and she was sorry she asked for someone else to be hired to help her but she just never feels supported.  Yikes!….talk about some damage I did.  I acknowledged my inappropriate comments and apologized and things are ok now. But are they?

Wow, we are so powerful. The things we do that are so small can make or break someone’s day sometimes. I get to really work on how I can support and empower others. I have felt both the high and lows of my actions. Often when I think I am supporting I don’t quite think I have the empowering others thing down. I get to focus on trying to empower others as this is a quality I want in my relationships. I am going to start by thinking of ways I can create a new supportive relationship for my friend mentioned above. Any feedback is gladly welcomed.

To be continued…






One thought on “We are so powerful

  1. Great insight! Unintentionally callous remarks land so much harder than I ever think they will, and I’ve unfortunately had more than my share of foot in mouth disease.

    I do love how NYers recognize when people are from out of town…it helps remind me of who I want to BE.

    re: your friend, what was getting between her and completing the project? What do you think would support her in finishing the work?
    What have you asked her to solicit her input and feedback?

    Perhaps consider this and then sit with her to discuss and let her talk – ask powerful high level questions and let her answer based on her needs.
    Once you’re satisfied with the reply (and you needn’t be with the first response if it doesn’t work for you), find a way to get it to her. If she needs something and is asking for it to give you the information you requested, that’s a reasonable request and a ways empower her.

    Good luck!!


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