Contribution – Day 19

#1, to Veronica’s baby – and an unknown child.  I bought books for Veronica’s baby shower, she’s having a boy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Books were a HUGE part of my childhood, but I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did.  And I loved the shower, too, and getting to see all the books others chose and Veronica’s joy at leafing through them all.

At the checkout at Barnes & Noble, they also gave me an opportunity to purchase a book for a child in need.  I readily did, as I believe books can alter any life in magical ways, and it takes so little — one story, one paragraph, one sentence.

#2, to Jimmy.  He had a long, long day with being there for his mother’s surgery.  I made sure to keep in touch throughout the day and when he got home, we took it easy, watched his favorite shows again and just laid down together.

#3, to me.  I posted again for my “be seen” goal, as I wrote about on my stats yesterday.  I actually didn’t anticipate doing that, but, I got inspired by something and I thought — why not?  I’ll write more about that later, because I think I had the breakthrough with writing that I’ve been waiting a long, long time to have.  And it’s actually really huge.


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