Movin’ on up to the East Side…

…..most of you are likely too young to remember this quote/show, from the Jefferson’s, but this title seems apropos for this week for me.  Things have really been moving and I have been making things happen.

Reminder on two goals:

1- To get my jewelry design business (O2TB:Out Of The Box) off the ground in 2015

2- To minimize my reactions to others comments/behaviors/non-actions.  I often make it mean something about me (inadequacy or somehow my being wrong) and it has been disempowering.

So back to all the great things I have been up to…..I have been designing (two new designs) and I have been reaching out to industry contacts to ask questions and get advice on various topics this week.  One jewelry designer contact, in addition to Hadar, recommended using SquareSpace to create my first website and so I started to build that out yesterday.  Today, I have been sketching new ring designs and also designed my logo which I feel really excited about.  My biggest hurdle at this point is in pulling the trigger to send my carved waxes to the caster.  I want them to be perfect and I am not 100% on them.   I also want to do everything in an environmentally responsible way and am not sure if this caster is such a caster, so that has also been a bit of a roadblock.  Perhaps I will just move forward with the current caster and identify a more permanent solution with the next go around if this company is not really focused on environmental concerns.  I committed to my buddy, Kyla, that I would select three pieces to be sent to the caster by week end.  I am also on target to create one new piece.  I get to also select a stone setter to do some one on one coaching/instruction with me as I want to know more here.  I am getting really excited about how my career is starting to kick off.  I can see it all unfolding in front of me….I can feel it.  This is a new feeling and I am not someone to bullshit about such things… its really very cool.  6-7 years ago I set out to change my professional life and chose to make the change in the direction of a more “responsible” career in Nutrition/Exercise Science, shit then got really real and clear when someone asked me “whaddya want”?  WHADDDYAAAA WANNNNNT!!!  Now it is happening, I have allowed myself permission to do what I want with my life and I am going to make a difference in the world by funding different causes while I am designing and creating beautiful pieces that sparkle and glisten and remind the wearer of something meaningful.!!

My other goal of not reacting (either outwardly or internally) to comments/actions/non-actions of other people has been a work in progress.  What I can say is that if I do react (get upset, frustrated, angered) by someone else’s behavior I am much quicker in letting it go and in recognizing that it doesn’t serve me to stay in that current state.    It has also been helpful to put myself in the other person’s shoes and consider what they have going on and what possibly they may be dealing with.  To have compassion instead of going directly to hurt.

Additionally, including this evening, I have been to the gym three times in the last seven days (weight lifting Brandy!  I can use some pointers on post preg tummy exercises).   I use to run a lot….ran the Chicago Marathon and several half marathons…..I would like to get back into solid physical shape.  Kyla was mentioning in a blog post about the possibility of good physical fitness correlating to positives in other areas of life.  (at least this is how I interpreted what she wrote) I totally believe this.  When I am strong physically, I feel stronger mentally and emotionally.  Skiing definitely helps with this and the season is here none-to-soon as I have been off the slopes for two years with the pregnancy and then the csection.  I am mentally and physically craving to be back on the mountain.  It is also amazing for my soul (the place I feel most free is carving down a mountain, sun on my face, gracefully carving out turns as I speed downward listening to Beautiful Day on my ipod).  I can just picture myself on Spring Fling now……ahhhhhhh.


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