Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows.

This is such a powerful dynamic.  Whether it is towards frustration, peace, work, a loved one…..where your focus goes, energy flows.  We have the ability to choose that which we will focus on.

Overall, I feel I have made a lot of progress in the last week.  Certain days are more productive than others.  The aspect of designing is such a freeing experience for me….I have never adopted such a playful approach to creating jewelry before.  I find it to be fun and interesting to see where each new piece will go.

Today the majority of my creative energies went towards cooking, baking, gift buying, calendar creating (shutterfly) and I did not get to my jewelry.  I get to make sure my focus is in large part on the development of my business this week.  We will be traveling to Michigan by car on Wednesday (staying over in Penn for a night) and will be staying with my parents.  We have a big family get together on Christmas.  The kind we use to have when we were kids and all the relatives got together…..but only bigger.  So I get to make sure I am focusing on this very important thing, my new career and the creation of a beautiful business that is so much and at the same time will financially support so much (philanthropy, 20% of proceeds).

This week I am finishing my website, continuing to design and finishing all paperwork to launch the business as an llc operating out of NYC.

As for the reacting piece, I have days that are better than others.  Most often I am recognizing that any time spent interfacing with issues that are not important takes my focus off of my business and wastes my time.  So even if I am initially reacting (internally or externally) I am able to shift out of it with the understanding of just how important my limited amount of free time is.

Peace…..Happy Birthday Hadar…..and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  XOXO





One thought on “Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows.

  1. Jill, thank you for the reminder, “where your focus goes, energy flows”. It’s so true. I am wonderjng, you said you’ve never approached jewelry making with such fun before and it’s fostering creativity; what are you doing differently? What has you being this way? Can you begin to take that element and channel it into other areas of your life (i.e. moments when the “automatic” or reaction might occur)? Congrats on moving forward with the llc. THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! Have fun in Michigan!


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