Giving into my occasionally introverted self

It’s a short and busy day as both sets of parents are in town, shabbat starts in T-4 hours and we are hosting both shabbat meals! It’s also short because I slept until 10 today! I had a tiring week at work and needed some catchup.

This week, I didn’t go to yoga. I had scheduled it in twice – once as planned and once as a backup – and didn’t make either one. Funny thing is that if it weren’t my PSP goal I wouldn’t have had any qualms about skipping it, but in this case I felt guilty. A good way to reframe that is that I made commitments to myself, for things that I want, and I get to hold myself accountable. And when I don’t, I get to live with that reality!

The interesting thing to look at is the reason I didn’t go. These aren’t stories as much as realities about myself, and they are helpful to explore! I didn’t go yesterday because I was exhausted – that’s not as interesting. I didn’t go Tuesday – my scheduled day – because I felt an extreme, visceral need for an introverted night. I had been going on overdrive since Friday -including a weekend with Hadar’s family to hosting a birthday party to running three straight training days at work for over 20 people total. There were people around, everywhere, all the time, and I was ‘on’ for a good chunk of the time (speaking in front of the room). I love it in the moment  – I thrive being around people – but afterward I often need some downtime. This is why I sit almost in the middle of the introvert/extrovert scale on Myers Briggs, just slightly over to the extrovert side because I LOVE being social. I love parties. And I also love my downtime. Hadar’s squarely on the extrovert side, always preferring to be around people and rarely needing quiet time.

So I listened to my visceral feeling on Tuesday and sat home, ate dinner, watched Married at First Sight and went to bed! And it still wasn’t until this morning after sleeping nearly 12 hours that I felt like myself again. Hence my regular PSPLife goals of health and taking care of my body.

To a people-filled but hopefully still restful weekend – merry Christmas to those celebrating! And did we just pass our 30 days? Happy final 15 to us!!


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