Hadar – Week 4

Goal 1 – Sales have stopped, nearly…so time to post to Craigslist again. There were additional fees I hadn’t anticipated, but I called eBay, opened an official store and got the charges reversed.

I also contacted Stephen, Jimmy’s friend to set up a call for after the holidays. I still need to set up a follow up call with Rebecca’s dad.

Goal 2 – ALP5 reunion – still not much traction. Sadly, I totally forgot about the declaration re: Doodle and dates, so I get to pick things up, brush them off and start again. 


½ marathon – got in 6 miles today. It felt good: my breathing was a little easier, my legs felt stronger, and I held steady to my planned 10 minute/mile pace. I can’t post a pic bec my  phone died, but look forward to continuing to push. Declaration – 2 runs of at least 7 total miles + a 6-7 mile run next Sunday…not sure how fast I should push the increase in mileage just yet. 

Naomi & me – we’re having a weird weekend and there’s some stuff we need to talk through. Nothing serious, but it relates to bring around each other’s parents, which happens with enough frequency that being weird with each other creates frustration and irritation. 

Wishing everyone well with the holiday season…love & peace out!


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