Rebecca and I just went on a short trip to the Poconos area, which was beautiful. I found myself a bit disconnected at times on the trip which Rebecca pointed out. As I bathed in my own story about how stressful studying for the exam was and a comment that I took to heart a few weeks ago, I realized I wasn’t being vulnerable. I wasn’t even admitting to myself that I had feelings I needed to release.

As soon as I got home I took a run, went to the gym, and pounded out a good cry. When were out there pushing towards our goals, we very often stop paying attention to whats going on inside, which is kind of insane given how neurotic this work makes us about checking in with ourselves. In any case I was reminded that for me peace is also being connected with my feelings. This may be ironic but if I’m not experiencing my true feelings, be it happiness or sadness, I cannot be at peace. It makes sense because then the tasks and experiences of life become a mental exercise.

As a result I woke up today feeling more myself than I have in weeks. I’m feeling connected to who I am, and I’m grateful to have this forum to share on and the support that I have in my life.

As far as Project InReach goes, I haven’t done much since the yoga session. I plan to get my thoughts together this weekend and start reengaging my team in the next phase for us.

Happy New Year everyone1


One thought on “Renewal

  1. Agreed – focusing out on tasks can only keep us going for so long if we’re not feeling it.
    Glad you recognized that and shifted back! You ARE a peaceful man, and you know what your triggers are for stress, anxiety or other grungies, as well as knowing how to create space for shedding those emotions (sleep, exercise, meditation, good cry, talking it out, etc.).
    I experience you as a self-connected man, and believe this was a short-term isolated incident.
    Keep on shifting, or as Colin like to say, Shift Happens.


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