Ending strong

What a day to have a scheduled blog post, the first day of the new year.

I know in our world we’ve had many new starts and many of us believe transformation can occur anytime, regardless of artificial milestones on the calendar. Still, there’s something energizing about a time when the rest of the world is looking to step things up, take on new commitments, and leave things behind. Even with the stats showing us that 90%+ of these resolutions fall flat within a few weeks, it’s still an inspiring time.

On the resolution front I’m focused, like so many others, on a healthy start to the new year. Last week I decided starting Monday I’ll implement a new early morning routine, ala Kyla, to allow for more energetic, healthy and productive days. I’m tired of feeling exhausted both in the morning and the evening (during the day I’m distracted by the busy pace of work) and I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who can thrive with an early start to the day.

Of course, not sure what kind of a message I’m getting about this health resolution when I get hit with a stomach bug on December 31! We ended up staying in last night and having a low-key day today because I’m not feeling great. Maybe it’s an opportunity to really feel the difference when I am healthy again, who knows. Either way, I’m looking forward to feeling like myself again.

As for stats for the week, it was a good week. I went to yoga Wednesday – made it a big priority despite a busy day – and, as I mentioned on the chat, didn’t feel great, but was glad I went. The interesting thing is that I feel I’m doing it more to keep my commitment but that I’m not yet feeling the outcomes I was looking for – greater comfort with my body and peacefulness. I know, it takes much more than yoga once a week, but I also get to build time into it to be, and think, rather than run to and from the studio. Welcome to my life!  I’m also going to look into doing yoga with Angela and other Advanced Ed people in the future, as I like a community of support!

On the communication front, things have been really good. I’ve had a bunch of sales calls at work that have gone really well – I’m training a new Director of Business Development for our team, and I’m feeling good about how comfortable and confident I am on these calls to show her the way. We also got word this week of a new grant that we closed! $82,500 to develop a new program model we’ve been wanting to do for years. Once again it is clear to me that this would not have come about if not for the way I shifted during my LP.

Having said that, I had an experience on Tuesday where I had a phone call with a longtime client and partner scheduled and some of my insecurities came up before the call. I’ve known him for over 4 years – nice, easygoing guy, always enjoyable to talk to. And yet, when I knew this check in was coming up I felt a mix of nerves and dread. I get this every once in a while. Typical work days for me involve about 6-8 meetings or phone calls, some internal and some external. Very few of them conjure up feelings of nerves or dread and yet some do. Mostly calls with donors or potential clients – e.g. times when I have to be vulnerable, courageous etc and let go of my discomfort and feelings of scarcity. It ended up that the call was great and productive and the concerns were clearly in my head. So I get to look at these instances and shift.

It was also a cool week because just when I’ve been focused on how I speak particularly as a reflection of my gender, my friend Tami develops this fascinating app – #JustNotSorry – an email plug-in that notifies you when you use apologetics like ‘sorry,’ ‘I’m no expert,’ and ‘does that make sense?’It aims to empower women to write confidently and to stop second-guessing themselves. What a great concept! Kind of sad that it’s necessary, but it is. The app took off like wildfire and we’ll actually be hosting Tami tonight, looking forward to hearing more about it.

Also related to communication, I’ve been on a bit of an enrollment tear with the Basic coming up at the end of the month. One friend is very close to registering (if she doesn’t it’s because she is considering Landmark as the alternative) and I’m in touch with 2-3 others. My nerdy feelings around enrollment have lessened significantly since I was in LP.

With that, shabbat is starting soon and I’m going to sign off. I guess it’s my last post of the cycle – just realized that thanks to you lovely people! Looking forward to our closing get-together and many more strong cycles!


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