Hadar – Week 6

I think I mis-posted a week’s title…somehow Week 6 snuck up on me despite all the warnings I had from everyone else about the impending end to the cycle.

How did this week go? Well, it was fun and relaxing, more so than many other weeks. Even with Naomi’s unhappy stomach, we had a chance to relax, we caught up with our “co-marriage besties” who sadly moved to LA, chilled on Friday, and hosted a fun game night for a whole slew of friends last night. What’s that? Oh, how did my goals go? Well…

Goal 1 – Well, I didn’t sell a thing this week – the post-Christmas drop off was exceptional – so I’ve now reposted items to Craigslist with the goal of finding local purchasers. I’ve sold 10 items total so far for $1,575, plus another $100 in shipping costs that pretty much covered the shipping. All told, I’v netted about $250 at a 20% margin, which isn’t too bad, except that I still have another 13 items at a cost of $2,200 that I want to sell. So that’s the next priority.

Goal 2 – After a slowish start to getting this reunion going, 4 other members of ALP5 attended our game night, and they were all excited at the prospect of having a reunion. 2 offered to help, and we are planning for late spring/early summer…maybe even a weekend away, tbd. I also was added as an admin to our WhatsApp and added back a few of those who had dropped out over the last year and a half. I’m pretty psyched about the idea and looking forward to putting an plan into place.

While it isn’t an official goal, I got in my long training run for the week, again a 6 mile run.

6.4 miles (aka 10K+)
1/2 marathon training progress – 6 miles Week 2

I had been planning on hitting 7 this week, but a lot of runner’s world and 1/2 marathon training posts recommended increasing the long run distance every other week. So this week I’ll again get in a couple runs of 3-4 miles each, and then next week I’ll hit 7 miles, plus at least 2 runs of 4 miles each (maybe I’ll add a 3rd run?). If I follow that, I’ll be at 2 weeks of 11 miles by race day…we’ll see if I choose to increase a little more than that if my body feels up for it.

Lastly, this is a big week at work with 2 new steering committees launching on 2 new initiatives. My supervisor seemed a little tense and stressed on Dec 31st, so I really need to be on top of my game this week. Plus, I have an event on Jan 26th and Naomi and I are going away this coming weekend for a few days, so here’s to focusing on work for a week. As it is, given the newly arrived cold weather, it’s a good place to be.

Final thoughts on this cycle and this past year:

  • I LOVE that we acted on this idea, that we put this group together and have continued to share our goals and dreams, to celebrate each other’s successes and be a support group for challenges.
  • I struggled with goals from time to time, and continue to struggle with putting the being first, just as I know some others do…but then again, there are those for whom the being is SO primary, I’m still wondering how to incorporate.
  • I felt a qualitative difference in our group communication and how much I felt the presence of the group despite having only 1 small group meeting. Kyla’s and Emileah’s regular journaling provided enormous inspiration for me, allowed me to feel the bond of the group and know what people were up.
  • Pushing myself to comment on nearly every post was also impactful, because it meant I had to read everyone’s posts if I were to comment. Setting up WordPress Reader to receive them by email made that much easier, but it still took conviction.
  • Lastly, I’m excited for our next cycle, because I know there’s going to be so much magic.



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