No breaks

Naomi and I are in FL for a conference – we got down here on Friday and get back Wednesday (nice break from the cold!).

I’ve been accustomed to running in the cold and 0 humidity (ok, accustomed after 3 weeks is a bit overstated), so running down here on Friday was more challenging than expected – 100% humidity, 80 degrees – but I still put in 2.5 miles, and Naomi joined for most of that too. 

Today we’re on Sanibel island, which looks like the tropics/Everglades version – I keep expecting an alligator to jump out of the water (we saw The Big Short last night). The conference gets underway at 5pm, so I went out for my long Sunday run and got in 7.5 miles, just over 111 minutes, good avg pace with negative splits on the whole.

Vacation is fun, drinks and guacamole,  popcorn at the movie, etc., but training offers no breaks and if I want to hit my goal and my numbers, then have to keep on pushing. As it is, there was a nice, fairly flat ½ mile track, so I did endless loops to hit my goal, far more pleasant a run than on Friday.

So…what are you guys up to?


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