Emileah Cycle 6:Stats 1

Stats!  A time when we look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going!

Look at me go!

The theme of 2016 for Emileah Jeanne Aguilar is learning to receive.  And the universe is in gift-giving mode, friends.

I am a passionate, vulnerable, authentic and free woman.

Last week when I wrote my goals, I was still working as a temporary employee.  On Friday morning, the day I declared excellence (yeah, there are no coincidences) I was offered a position at the company where I’ve been working for the last 5 months (yes, I had been advocating for myself, and they had committed to bringing me on, but no steps had been taken in the formal process, and I had started looking elsewhere).  I did not revise my PSP, as I had already submitted a draft and did not consider the impact of this huge change.  When I saw this morning that Thomas was revising his PSP, I realized that mine deserves for me to look at it with fresh eyes.  I had some resistance to my PSP feedback, and I recognize that means I get to sit longer with the questions; that feeling will not be resolved unless I am willing to surrender to the discomfort and identify its source.  It would also serve me to get some career counseling, and I am committing to doing that.  From where I am standing, in two years I am clear that I want to be working at a progressive university health center or a city health clinic.  What am I doing now, today, to complete my goals?  I am looking at my ways of being and choosing to be proactive and present to the needs of my position and my department (I work at an online public k-12 charter school).  I am creating a new habit of checking and updating Asana (a website that helps monitor your work responsibilities).  I am on a Board, and am reviewing the financial documents, so I can be in integrity this evening when we take a vote on the Financial Policies (I did not include this in my PSP, but I consider it part of developing my professional capacity).

As far as my wellness goal, I had a two-hour delay this morning, and it was one of the most fabulous things that has ever happened to me.  I really don’t feel like thats an overstatement….  I got up, had coffee and a snack with my honey, talked to my cousin on the phone, and worked out.  Took a shower, packed some lunch, and drove to work LIKE A BOSS.   I will be in bed by 9:30 tonight, I will get up at 5 tomorrow morning, I will make coffee, meditate, work out, and leave the house by 6:35.  With a smile on my face.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.



3 thoughts on “Emileah Cycle 6:Stats 1

  1. Hey Em – A couple thoughts:
    1. “did not consider the impact of this huge change” – what’s behind this?
    IME you were as sure about getting a FT position as you were about applying for a new role. Also, coming on the heels of your surgery and insurance issue, I would have thought you’d have jumped for joy at seeing this come through…especially knowing how you had to show up like a BOSS to make it happen. I’m left questioning what’s really happening when you downplay major accomplishments.


    2. “I realized that mine deserves for me to look at it with fresh eyes.” – Powerful reaction! Emileah Lives!! Yes, you too get to rethink and review. Sometimes feedback can hit us harder than we expected and glad to see you taking this response.

    3. “I had some resistance to my PSP feedback” – Yup, I imagine we all did…I think next time we should structure the feedback session differently to give people more time to absorb and reflect on the feedback. 24 hours, especially when some people were working, was too short a period, especially with so many voices and comments. I recommend we shorten the commenting period next time and increase the review/revise/finalize PSP time.

    4. “I recognize that means I get to sit longer with the questions” – Props on this reaction! It’s all too easy to just ignore feedback, so great job reacting by giving yourself time to reflect.
    REQUEST – would you consider journaling some of this & share via the blog? I think it would be powerful for all of us.

    Great start!!


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