leah stats week 1

ok im doing the email option, i hope this posts correctly!

goal 1: going very well this week. as someone who really loves sleep, racing to my bed each night is actually not that hard. now that ive decided it’s how it’s gon’ be it’s going well. also meditating every day for 20 mins, ive been on point. it definitely makes a difference in my mood and ability to focus.

goal 2: have not even touched this yet. oops! all week ive been practicing for a salsa performance i did today. ill post it later for you guys! i was completely focused on it and made no time for this. but, i did tell my bff about it and she has a friend who taught just outside of seoul, so one more contact to reach out to. this week im on it…!


6 thoughts on “leah stats week 1

  1. Email works great! Thanks for remembering to include your name in the subject line so we knew it was you!

    Wondering if you can give us more of your experience – what do you feel the meditation adds? How is your day or week with & w/o it? How does it feel to commit to that, and what else in your life would benefit from a similar commitment?

    Re: goal 2, I get that you were committed to the salsa performance and that it clearly meant a lot to you. What else might be coming up for you re: English in Seoul? I ask as I can’t tell if there’s resistance to calling people – as the performance is just a circumstance – and if you were similarly committed to talking to people you would have.

    Do you feel less urgency for the 2nd goal? If so, what would support you in breaking through that to ensure this opportunity takes place as you envisioned?


    1. hey hadar! thanks for the thoughtful comments!

      meditation adds calm to my day, i feel more grounded, aware. all the things people usually talk about, they’re true. it feels good to commit to it. and i could name about a bazillion things that could benefit from the same commitment, but one thing at a time…!

      you’re definitely right. i could have totally made time i just chose not to. i have a tendency to want to conditions to be “just right” to do something. i have this vision of me sitting down in my bed with my laptop to do goal #2, and until im “there” in that moment i have it in my mind i can’t do it yet. but the truth is half of my goals are just emails/writing stuff down which i can do at anytime. im going to be reporting to my small group on my progress to keep me moving.


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