Clarity is King

A few weeks ago I toyed with the idea of doing this PSP Life thing. Having recently participated in a now defunct mastermind group which resulted in me creating a Christmas concert with Liz Wolfe, I was intrigued about the possibilities. Ever since I walked into the room over 5 years ago I have longed for that amazing relationship, only to get in my own way. But that was in my past and today is a new moment. In two weeks I went from having goals of “structure” to being in a relationship with “the girl of my dreams”. Tonight, after meeting with Naomi, I gained clarity of what I really want in my life. Actually, the what is a who. For nearly 3 years I’ve been completely enamored with a woman I met by chance at a friend’s birthday party. We instantly connected. Everything felt so natural, so relaxed, so right. There was one problem; another guy. They say timing is everything and in that moment it was not in my favor… Fast forward to last night and there she was, stunning as ever. I still felt a connection and as fate would have it, her most recent relationship just ended. All this leads me to tonight. Sitting with Naomi and talking about everything I wanted in a woman, I was asked if anyone in my life currently fit this description? My gigantic smile gave it all away… Everything I wrote down I saw in this woman. So, I have a new plan; to be in relationship with this woman by the end of our cycle. As this is a public blog I will refrain from putting her name here.


4 thoughts on “Clarity is King

  1. This is so inspiring. Kudos to you for being clear with the Universe, being vulnerable and open with Naomi about you really wanted, and making the declaration. Reading your post was like reading a recipe for magic! So excited for you, Supercubby.

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  2. Thomas this is really great!! I also love that you were open to getting support particularly from women. I hope that you continue to do so and focus on the being!

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  3. “I was intrigued about the possibilities”

    IME, this has already been an incredibly powerful experience for you…from the feedback on your PSP and major revision, to opening up a real possibility in your life for a relationship…and now for that to be the woman in your life that you’d already hoped for…well, that’s the cherry on top.

    I also remember how you were describing your nerd as the fumbling, uncoordinated, and awkward mix of Clark Kent and Peter Parker.


    But wait…both of those guys are solid, sweet and reliable AND they get the woman of their dreams in the end…How can you channel their persistence and willingness to be vulnerable to create the relationship you want?

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