VT: Event Producer I am

So yesterday I produced, along with two of my friends, our 1 year anniversary party for Bitchcraft.

And it was a crazy succcessssssss! So pleased. I’m quite hungover now, but it was well worth it.

I signed up for HaitiHub. Slipped in a”Mwen renmen ou” to my dad on the phone which means “I love you” and he didn’t notice that I even said it in Creole. lol.

Going to keep it short and sweet. This week I am going to…

Work with Jesse on planning FED’s next event

Create a list of event ideas for Bitchcraft as well as personal ventures

Work on module 2 on HaitiHub.

Continue loving and supporting you beautiful people.







3 thoughts on “VT: Event Producer I am

  1. Li pral gwo tande w ap chante premye chante karaoke ou an kreyòl . Kite m ‘ konnen si ou bezwen kèk pratike ak, Google tradui se pi bon zanmi m’ 😋

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  2. GO, Vanessa GO! So glad you are going after being a producer like the fierce woman you are!! Get it girl. Looking forward to hear what you’ve created at the end of this week. 🙂



    I thought the first sentence was a ‘year in the future’ looking back…but no, it’s you hungover now (well, yesterday).

    Keep it up, boo!


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