The power of avoidance or shall I say the power of by when

My buddy, Emily, is amazing. We had our call and at the end we were discussing things to do, how to be in action and support one another.  I declared out of no where that I was going to calculate the value of all the inventory I had on hand both in my retail store and in my storage (the office upstairs) before I went home from work that day. This was an important piece of my puzzle to help figure out my profit or loss numbers.

I did not know how long this declaration would actually take me to complete. Why? Because I had never actually tried to do this. This was one of the things I was avoiding like the plague ugh counting T-shirts and protein bags…..I would come into work and do anything I mean anything except this. Sure a few times I even attempted to start this project but I would always find a reason to go home or work on something else. I had built this inventory calculation process into a monster when in fact it was just a small bug.

What was amazing was that after my declaration to my buddy  I had the first part done within the hour and the second part done before I went home that evening. This was something I had on my to do list for at least 4 months and throughout one full PSP cycle yet had never completed. The process was not that bad and I even discovered a new excel formula to speed up my manual one by one entries. The stories I was making up was that this information was not important enough or it  would take up too much time etc.

What are the prices I was paying? I was paying the price of feeling incomplete, in the dark, behind and unorganized.  Now, I feel a new energy or dare I say excitement of getting to turn this retail show around. I am doing good with wrapping up my numbers and I am declaring that going forward next week I will be done looking at the past and making moves in the future.

Cheers to by when and the support of an amazing buddy and group!


5 thoughts on “The power of avoidance or shall I say the power of by when

  1. Two things.
    1. It’s Emily, not Emileah. 😉
    2. I appreciate the props but no need to give me credit when you are the one getting shit done. You rocked it! And you will continue to rock it!

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  2. I love the power of declaration….so yummy!! Glad you put that declaration out there for yourself and got that shit done!! Good going girlfriend…..and what a powerful tool you have tapped into for yourself. Sending LOVE!!


  3. Brandy- I love how you pushed through this and reached out for support from others like your buddy! In the end you improved the process as well!


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