Week 2 — Progression

IU Team Member

Hiring an important team member! This week I reached out to my main candidate for hiring the next team member to help take the magic of IU to the next stage!  I refined the job description and requirements and sent it to G (the main candidate). I also shared with G some of the points that I highlighted with you in last week’s post.I have included the Bullet Points that I shared with G.  Please refer to the link if interested (Job Description)  Nothing is perfect — the list and the job description but progression is excellent.



I call it Love/Love as in Japan when people describe a relationship in which the couple truly loves each — head over heels madly in Love.They say “Love-Love  ラブラブ”!  I always liked the nuance of this description and I believe its used for all types of relationships beyond just the initial honeymoon stage.

I have had the chance to begin writing down what I authentically want in someone who I date.  Recently as I have had a few dates my gut/intuition has been pretty clear and tells me if something is right or wrong.  I still question it a bit- meaning I like to give someone a chance.  Recently I went on two dates with a girl I met on Tinder and although she is really nice my intuition is clearly telling me to move on.   However, it is still sometimes easy to go out one more time either do to questioning or simple convenience.  There has been some talk on the blog about looking at the prices we  pay for doing certain things.  I commit to being honest with this girl and open the channel to meet someone else in my path to that Love/Love relationship.  

I have started to write points down and there is no particular order as it is a work in progress.  Honestly I am a bit shy to share as I have fear of being judged on all of this.    Someone had told me the following:  ” Everyone is here to love you and support you in your next step.”  I am choosing to be vulnerable.  Here goes .. Please see the following  Love / Love .






4 thoughts on “Week 2 — Progression

  1. Hey Scott, I really appreciate the consideration and heart you are approaching these goals with. It sounds like you’re pretty committed to working with G, and if you intuitively feel that is right, go for it I will say that working with an agency might be more work up front, but it might pay off long term. Thanks for sharing the love/love bit…. I am glad you noticed that holding onto someone out of ease instead of interest isn’t supporting your vision. Keep listening to your heart!


  2. I get two feelings from your post this week:
    1. A sense of strength and openness – you’re movin forward, making things happen, sharing freely with the group, with G, and feeling good about being in action.
    2. A hesitancy to fully own your decisions – you want G, but you want to speak to an agency; you aren’t into the woman, but you want and try again to wait to be sure.

    It’s like your dangling off the edge of the diving board, having jumped and now grabbing on as if you’re not sure.

    What support can we offer you in trusting your gut with decisions and being decisive, final and urgent?

    My thought is a 2nd weekend style ‘team vote’ mechanism – the ‘team/no team’ exercise:
    – You get to present yourself with a question or scenario, such as “do I want to hire G?” or “Do I want to go on another date with X?”
    – You then have 1 second to vote: Yes or No
    – Any hesitation is a No vote

    Over time you’ll learn to trust your instincts more and more, and realize that they’re guiding you in the direction of your choices and preferences.


  3. yay! so glad you shared your love/love with us! glad things are going well with G.

    i second what Hadar is saying about being unsure. you had originally structured your goal #2 around wanting to improve your intuition. have you thought any more about ways of actively practicing your intuition/using tools like the one Hadar suggests above…?


  4. Love/love the love/love goal (and concept). I’m going to challenge you a little — I get a big part of getting clear about wanting a relationship is getting clear on what you want. And I DO think it’s important to have a vision of that, and it’s great what you’ve set out — specific, clear, etc.

    BUT – one issue I’ve witnessed in dating (and something I am guilty of) is an almost exclusive OUTWARD focus. She has to be smart, educated, fun, attractive, etc. It’s a focus on what you expect to GET from someone rather than what you can GIVE. Obviously you have a lot to give, you’re a loving man with professional success and someone who is interested in developing themselves personally — doesn’t get any better than that — but what I’m proposing is a shift in the come-from. Else you run the risk of always sitting back and assessing the woman, whether she “measures up” to your criteria, instead of getting responsible and realizing that YOU are creating the relationship. Is it deep, fun, romantic, engaging, stimulating (or whatever it is you want)? That’s not on her. That’s on you.

    That said, yeah, if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. Chemistry, attraction, etc., is kind of hard to generate out of nothing. My only caution here is make sure you’re not waiting for her to create it for you.


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