Connection Day 13 – Isaac

I’ve successfully enrolled Isaac in Momentum’s Basic.  As with many enrollments, it was a long journey.

Isaac started coming to our meet-up groups early on, and he soon became a regular.  Sometimes our group would have 10-15 people — sometimes only 3-4.  Whatever the situation, Isaac was usually there.

The reason was, in part, because he had gotten real value from one of our meet-ups during he which he accessed that he’d been playing on the sidelines of life.  He texted us the next morning from the East River — for the first time in years, he’d gotten up at 6am to go for a run.

Since that time, though, Isaac has been in and out.  When he came to see us last (recently),  he had begun to doubt himself, and whether self-development work was even worth it.

“I read Tony Robbins’ book.  I’ve come here a  few times.  Does all of it ever lead anywhere?  Or do you just become a sort of self-development junkie?”

I had had question many times myself.  Jimmy gave him the hard reality.

“All of it has value, and all of it is leading you toward a higher level of awareness.  But, you’ve got to take action.  Without action, nothing happens.”

Isaac then told us he was struggling with how uncomfortable taking action was.  Was it supposed to be that hard?

I told him the action itself isn’t nearly as hard as we make it out to be — it’s just all the energy we put on it that gets difficult to slog through and deal with.

He left us feeling better, but still confused and frustrated.  He’s spoken to Jimmy several times since then, but the main thing he discussed with Jimmy was his resistance and unwillingness.

Jimmy made a passionate appeal to him to cut it out.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I think that significantly contributed to Isaac ultimately changing his mind about Momentum.

Shortly after that happened, we finalized our plans to staff Momentum’s Basic this week.  They told us they would give each of us a “Basic Scholarship” to give away.  Jimmy instantly selected someone and enrolled them.  I was at a loss.  Yes, there are many in my life who could benefit, but almost no one who seemed ready.

Then he suggested Isaac.

When I called Isaac and Jimmy heard the tenor of the conversation, he signed heavily.  “He’s not ready,” he said.  I, too, was convinced Isaac would be a no.  “Free” didn’t matter.    Sunday afternoon, I got his voicemail telling me he didn’t want the free ticket.

I could’ve called him, but, my intuition told me not to.  Sometimes people need to feel the freedom of saying no.  I texted him back and said:  “No problem, thanks for letting me know.”  He texted me again a few hours later, but I missed it– something about Tony Robbins.  Isaac and I got turned on to TR around the same time, and we both read his book “Awaken the Giant Within.”

Then, yesterday, he sent me the text I posted on the WhatsApp chat.  Part of me wasn’t surprised; I felt that he’d come back around.  Both Jimmy and I did.  We just didn’t know when.

Once you wake up to the level of awareness that he’s at, you really can’t not do SOMETHING.  Maybe it’s not necessarily Basic, but, I feel like your soul won’t rest until you pursue and complete some sort of transformational experience.

I can feel that ripeness in him so strongly, and both Jimmy and I are really excited to see where the work takes him.  Isaac is an incredibly kind, principled, mature young man.  I have yet to successfully enroll anyone in the work.

My ex-best friend Jennifer registered (and paid), but never showed up — and stopped speaking to me altogether.  We were on very shaky ground, though.  I had restored integrity with her during LP for various sins of the past — and she had accepted my apology and we had begun to rebuild — but in the end, she was unwilling to let go of her side of things.  I pleaded with her to not hold her energy on me against the work (to no avail).  My hope is there’s some way to revisit it in the future, though I couldn’t say how, so for now I’ve let it go.

I trust that, with Isaac, things will be different, and that he will show up and get what he deserves.  On the night he texted me asking if that free ticket was still available, my urge was to text back, and even wait a day to do it.  But then, I remembered my connection goal.  And I remembered, too, what Jimmy had told me — the enrollment process doesn’t end when the person says “yes.”  You’ve got to be in relationship with them throughout the process, and stay connected.  So I called him, and asked about what had changed his mind, and what it was he had decided he needed to get now.

I think enrollment is a tough area for LOTS of us–it really causes you to have to deal with your stuff on multiple levels (same thing with sales, as Jimbo has figured out).  I definitely want to start paying more attention to developing myself in this area.

But, for now, I’m celebrating Isaac, and what’s waiting for him on the other side of this weekend.



One thought on “Connection Day 13 – Isaac

  1. Congratulations!! One of the most powerful moments I had in my LP journey was when my coach Marc made it okay for people to say no when I was reaching out to register and enroll during team weekend. That freedom of a no cleared the space for me & my team to register and enroll several people during the weekend; it was incredible. I’m excited to hear about Isaac’s world as he completes the Basic this upcoming weekend. Please keep us all posted and kudos again!


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