=( (updated)

Update: confirmed, calf muscle tear, no running for 6 weeks and no leg exercise for at least 4…so there goes all that half-marathon training and diligence.  I guess I get to wake up early to do sit ups now…

Really sad about not being able to run the Half, and the ironies abound, from having gone to yoga THIS MORNING!! to someone who saw me running on Sunday complimenting my form.

Takeaways? This is a fluke accident and yet I’m sad, with altered expectations for the next few weeks and my chance to rock the run, disappointed that the time and effort I put into training doesn’t even give me the possibility of achieving my goal, and feeling like an uncoordinated yutz for hurting myself rusing down 3 steps to catch a train that was still delayed for another 60 seconds after I got on board.

In trying to balance that with the positives – it’s only a muscle tear and doesn’t require surgery, which was a tremendous relief.

With elevation, icing and rest, the muscle will recover in about a month, and in less than 2 months I’m free to once again try my hand at a half marathon, should I do choose.

I’m also someone who rushed around quite a bit – Naomi had to learn to walk quickly with me when we started dating, and now that’s not an option. Not only do I get to enjoy life at a slower pace, I get to learn how to be responsible for being on time when it will take me 4x as long to walk anywhere than my normal pace.

I truly am feeling mixed, and I think having worries about surgery be allayed is the main reason I’m not overly despondent, because, hey, it could have been so much worse.

Anyway, now I get to plan quiet, relaxed, seated hanging time with friends, cause I’m not really going anywhere.

Anyone wanna hang with me and my invalid leg?

Original post below…

I’m busy scheduling an appt with an orthopedist (any suggestions?) as I believe I tore my calf muscle rushing for the subway this morning.

So, wonderful start at Daybreakers…unless its just a bad cramp, I don’t think I can run the Half-Marathon in 2.5 weeks.


(also, it hurts…a lot.)


7 thoughts on “=( (updated)

  1. Oh Yikes! Sorry to hear.. I just saw you. Appreciate how you are so positive! Well if you need support in having someone run for you.. I am open to support and can run on your behalf and/or we can coordinate a relay with a few of us PSP Lifers..We just get to make exchanging the bib/chip easy..If this is something that you are up to..


      1. Oh that would be nice as you have been working hard with this.. Love seeing the run updates! I expect those will be back soon!


  2. Oh Hadar, that stinks!!! I’m so sorry to hear this news. I could tell from your posts and your video that you’ve been really focused on this goal. As you said to me last week, life is messy. I’m sending healing energy your way.

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  3. Ah, responded to the post in my email and see that the post was updated above and that you have a tear. Yuck….sorry that you have this setback….but you will get there!! I have no doubt….


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