Life keeps getting messier.

I had a development that completely set me back this week, and honestly I’m not really comfortable laying out the details here because it affects others as much as me, and I don’t want to violate confidences.  But suffice it to say that I’m experiencing many mixed emotions, and am trying to accomplish a lot of fairly urgent tasks while in my emotional fog, on top of all the other usual stuff I have on my plate — plus I’m hosting a really big not-a-wedding-reception party this weekend, which I’m so not focused on right now.

But I’m very grateful for the support systems I have in place, both in this group and outside it.  Both my buddy and my small group were really there for me — thank you.

On the positive side, I do feel that my focus on my way of being has been helpful.  I’ve been repeating my contract many times a day, just to try to stay grounded.  Unfortunately this week I haven’t made time to focus just on my for 20-30 minutes as I’d hoped.

The other goal (financial) is coming along.  I had a positive review at work and got a nice raise, so that will help.  And we got good news back from the accountant, we’ll actually be getting a few thousand dollars back rather than owing taxes, which I was super worried about. Slowly, I’m going to take care of that debt.  I haven’t made time to sign up for focus groups yet, but all of the other steps I’d committed myself to accomplishing by March 1 are complete.

I’ve got to keep this post short this week; parenting duties have me racing around.

Thank you all for the very thoughtful posts and comments.  I’ve fallen short on intention to comment more but please know that I do my best to keep up with you all — this group really is inspiring and up to some great things.  Your energy is infectious.


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