Back in Action – Mostly

Things have been busy. Gave two free yoga therapy sessions to new clients this week, both of whom scheduled appointments to come back as paying clients! So that was a huge win and made me feel a lot better about my work after the rough feedback from last week.

I started Gary’s bootcamp this week and basically went to into overwhelm/paralysis mode immediately after the first call yesterday. I attended an all day workshop today so my plan for tomorrow is to get clear and organized regarding an action plan for the next week.  Our first assignment was to make a list of at least 10 ways we are out of integrity and restore integrity about at least one thing per day this week. My first thought was, I’m not out of integrity!  I could only think of one thing at first. But once I started really thinking about it and taking a closer look, I realized that there are tons of ways I’m out of integrity in my business. For example, all the things that have been sitting on my to do list for the past month (or more) that I have keep telling myself I will do but take no action on.  So I get to choose powerfully to get in action.  I also get to continue to work on owning my worth/value. (People need me! People will be lucky to work with me! But they can’t if I don’t make myself known!)

On a lighter note, Daybreaker was super fun on Wednesday morning and I had a lovely breakfast with Brandy and Kelli afterwards. So glad we did that!  Also, I just booked flights to Miami this coming Wed-Sun because a friend offered for me to come along and hang at her fancy hotel while she’s at a conference.  Three days of warm sunshine while lying by a pool-YES PLEASE!  I debated whether it was irresponsible of me to go but I found cheap flights and only had to reschedule one client session and am committed to working while I’m there, so I decided to go for it and treat myself. (When in doubt, always treat yo self!)

On the romance front, I had two awkward first dates this week, which is always disappointing.  I reached out to three matchmakers as I declared during our small group meeting. (We had a great small group meeting on Sunday! Shout out to Naomi, Scott, Kelli, and Lori!)  I spoke to one on Tues and didn’t like her vibe.  I’m planning to follow up with another one tomorrow.  I am 100% committed to finding a partner with whom to build an amazing family and life.

Self care is going pretty well this week. I didn’t meditate over the weekend for the first time in a long time, but I’m back on it this week. Worked out twice this week (plus over 20,000 steps on Wed thanks to Daybreaker!), and will workout tomorrow and Sat. Journaling and affirmations are on course.


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