Girls just want to have fun

This week has been great I have been connecting and having fun. I get to buckle down more on my goals this weekend. Each day I have found myself connecting with people and just having a good time. I would do this then walk into work and connect with members/staff really anyone that walked my way. This is great and has been rewarding however I need to adjust the start time of my day. After all my connecting I would not start working till the afternoon on most days which means my productivity is down. I tried to set my alarm early so I would feel productive before I started being the connecting social butterfly I have been but no urgency to GSD this week.

I have been in contact with my Dad but I felt an unconscious burnout so I have not been doing much on this front. I get to check back in on where I am at this weekend and prepare for my trip next week. I also am scheduled to meet with Kelly for support.

As for my retail goal, I got more done in one day then I have done all last week. I have been in action but I get to revisit the excitement and passion I need to get the job done this weekend.

This am started off rough for me which made it tough for me to write this post since I had been having such a great week. The good thing was that I got to practice shifting today and shifted to gratitude for all that I have.

Theme of the next few days: Discipline




4 thoughts on “Girls just want to have fun

  1. Hey honey….just wondering, is there a way to balance connection and discipline so that they are both a part of each day?


  2. Good for you for really connecting and having fun. You’re under a lot of stress and sometimes we all need a break. It sounds like this was really what you needed. And now, you choose discipline. It’s in your power.


  3. I am really excited to read how much connecting with others has become a daily part of your life!
    In the past I’ve seen you choose to go it alone, pull away and choose distance, and so hearing this new daily practice is a big win for you and made me happy to read!
    Like any new practice it may take a little time to balance – as Jill said – the ability to have both the connection and the discipline, and I encourage you to continue moving forward with the connection.
    Let us know how we can support you!


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