SS Off to the races

I am in Atlanta at the Pittcon ( tradeshow. I arrived on Saturday and will be here till Friday.  This is a show where many of the scientific instrument and consumable companies promote their products.  The customers for us include other vendors, distributors, and end users mostly chemists and buyers from pharmaceutical, biotech, food and chemical companies. Also a lot of overseas vendors attend this show as well.  This is a big week for me as well.  My company in coordination with some of the other organizations  that I work with will have a booth.   This is a great place to promote our products to both current and future customers.

In addition, this is an opportunity for everyone to meet in one place and plan for the following year.  Additionally, the company that I have formed a joint venture with will also be at the show.  They will not have a booth but they have included me in many of the their meetings with the vendors exhibiting at the show.  These additions has me scheduled to be in two places at once.  I get to be clear in what is important and be open and honest with all parties.   The vendors that I am exhibiting with want me to be present at the booth and for certain meetings while the new joint venture company wants me to be present for their meetings.

I am in the center of a lot of good opportunities and its up to me to take full advantage of these chances.  I also get to be clear, open and honest about my strengths and what support is necessary for me to succeed.

A lot of how I will proceed in 2016 will become clearer this week as well.  This is particularly the case with the new joint venture.  I believe that we will  have a better understanding of how to be effective together.  I will also be clearer on what type of person I should hire.  I will present my thoughts regarding G as well.


I am in action with hiring someone but not as much this week as the preparation for the show and general work things kept me busy.  Of course I can plan better too.

I am not 100 percent sure about G but  like to discuss more with him when I am back.  My only question is whether a remote person will work or not. (he is based in Philadelphia)  I question myself in this area as someone closer will help me to stay organized.   Granted he can visit me or I can visit him once or twice per month.   I also get to realize that nothing is permanent and that I can take a chance.  My goal is to meet with him in person as well.  Honestly this is still a big step for me and don’t want to mess things up.  I try to be a perfectionist and that really just slows things down.  However, nothing is perfect and it’s important to take calculated risks which this qualifies!  I recently read an article about someone who literally outsources almost all of his tasks that takes him away from what he is good at.  It was so inspiring and he made it look so easy!

I did not really spend much time on the intuition and dating this past week. My days were busy with work and preparation for the show.  Of course I can plan my time better but my energy was in a different area.  I did not go on any dates and I did not initiate anything new either.  I still text with the girl who I went on two dates with.   She opened up to me about her past relationship and the challenges of being a single mom and dating.   I feel that she misses her past relationship or the concept of a relationship.  But who am I fooling? I get to call her up and be honest about my feelings with her. This may open possibilities in either direction. Honestly I don’t know what really stops me from doing this.  Maybe I am being lazy?   Maybe I am avoiding the energy of being vulnerable?  My cousin and a friend have both noted that they have someone to introduce me to.. I get to be open so that I can channel my energies in the right places.




2 thoughts on “SS Off to the races

  1. I am excited for you Scott! It sounds like you are exactly where you should be in order to take your company to the next level, both physically and emotionally. You are aware and moving forward. Trust yourself and remember that perfection can truly be the nemesis of production. You may never be 100% sure before a decision, but you get to take a leap anyway. Sometimes waiting on 100% certainty can result in missed opportunities. You seem very aware of yourself, though, and I have every confidence that your clarity and courage will take you where you want to go!.


  2. Re: assistant & outsourcing, I sense a tentativeness about this similar to dating, and the story I create from joining those two areas is that you struggle with connection and trust.

    I say that this is a story, because I experience you as someone who is in connection with others, open, vulnerable, risking, sharing, trusting and supportive.

    I then question why this is my experience of what you “write” when I separate it from “you” the person I know.

    Some questions:
    How do you experience yourself in relation to and in relationship with others?

    What is your typical dynamic?
    – Do you share first and create closeness or rely on the other person to create a state of intimacy?
    – Do you lead with your head or your heart?
    – How long does it take to create intimacy?

    When you consider working with someone, what emotions come up?
    When you consider dating someone, what emotions come up?
    In what ways are they similar and in what ways do they differ?

    Rather than focusing on the doing of setting yourself up to succeed with an assistant (whether local or distant), I think you could spend some valuable time on your flight back mulling over these questions and others, which would benefit both relationships you’re looking to build.

    Good luck!!


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