Hadar Stats Week 4

Video post

As touched on, I’ve been slacking a bit at work and need to get back at it.


2 thoughts on “Hadar Stats Week 4

  1. HBomb…..I have been missing your “voice” on chat….have been slightly worrying about you and hoping that you are doing OK/great. I know the ankle is probably not helping the situation. How can you create more fun for yourself in spite of the ankle? What can you make happen with what you’ve got?

    Also, excited to hear where things are at with the week 2 video “potential opportunity”…..would so love for that to take off for you as you seemed so jazzed about it….also peaked my interest as to what it is all about!

    Hope you are on the fast curve mend and sending healing thoughts and hugs!


    1. Thanks J Beans!

      Ya, haven’t been feeling the chat, which is total resistance as I’m feeling discomfort/pain in my leg, hampered by my immobility, and general grumpiness.
      I skipped yoga last week… Semi understandably, but plan to go this week, even just to sit and breathe/mediate for the hour.
      I’ve had some wins at creating fun despite the injury, and more to come… But the way that it is black and blue means it’s painful to put any pressure on it. The last few nights I have woken up wincing in pain a number of times.
      I’m ready for it to heal – 5 weeks to go.


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