Part 2

I realized that in my stats report yesterday, I didn’t actually write anything about my stats.

I also realized that I was treating my post yesterday as kind of a litmus test for approval about my decision to let myself “off the hook” about my yoga therapy practice.  I am still seeking permission.  So there’s that.

Quick stats update:

Not on track with my yoga therapy practice goals, as I’m giving myself a little time to explore what might make me happier in the short term.  Really happy to be giving myself a break from all the things I don’t actually want to do.

With regard to self-care, I missed meditation one day this week but am on track with exercise, journaling, and mantra-ing.



2 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. In my experience, the more self critical am and the more I think about what others might think, the harder it is for me to find emotional clarity about what I want. If this resonates with you, what do you need to do to get to place of clarity so that you can find out what you want and what works for you?


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