Peace, balance and stop the silly s***

This week has been different here in Texas I have been at peace. I have maintained a balance of doing things for my Dad while still taking care of myself. Not once this week have I felt, upset or resentful to my Dad.  This is big for me. My Dad is sick, I love him and I get to the best I can to take care of him while taking care of myself and celebrating life.

As for my second goal, I talked with another gym owner today and my final thought is to stop the silly shit. I am going to take my focus off of reordering protein bars and single serve items that don’t make enough money to be worth the time. Yes they are convienent for members at my gym to have but the small amount of money that comes from it is lost when one protein bar goes missing it seems. Time to get relentless and stop selling the items because my members expect me to have it or other gyms have it. Going forward I will focus on bigger items i.e T-shirts that will have a bigger return. If I decide to sell single serve items they must be able to be sold for 100% markup or in a vending machine. This decision alone will save time on inventory mgt. I feel like I finally made a decision instead of trying to work magic. Time to move forward and create new items. Let the creativity begin.



One thought on “Peace, balance and stop the silly s***

  1. Great stuff!!

    I know from past times that the being around caring for your dad has been a challenge, and glad to hear that this time it’s different for you.

    Can you identify what it is that’s different this time? What about your approach has changed or your perspective?
    How can you identify it so that you can tap into that for the next time and the time after as well?

    Really: gym stuff – congrats!
    It isn’t easy to back off of something that seems to be low hanging fruit. In that context, deciding to do away with things that mainly serve as a distraction & don’t bring in a lot of revenue even though people may expect it of the gym at this point, is a significant decision.

    Speaking of vending machines, where do things stand there?

    Lastly, when do you go away on vacay – exciting!!!


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