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First, I must acknowledge that I am out of integrity.  My blog was not done last week and I realized on Monday late morning.  Instead of doing it immediately, I told myself, ‘well, you’re already out of integrity, what’s it matter if it’s submitted now or later today’. Well, the problem with that thinking is that time flies and here it is Sunday. I’m rushing to do this last minute because I have no access at work and it didn’t even cross my mind to take my computer.

So it’s interesting, all of the things I have on my PSP are kind of being worked on but 2 things that I’ve created for myself weren’t even on my list! A job, and lots of dates. Not sure what to think about that. I seem to be in a better place mentally about Hugs but for some unknown reason (there has been no contact), now the guy I’m trying to not care about is on my mind 24/7. Ugh… can I please catch a break with this dude.

Work has been going well and I seem to have already (in my very few shifts) shown members that I am reliable. I am creating a welcoming environment as soon as people walk in and choose to go above and beyond even if that means staying longer or cutting a break short to assist someone. I’m aware that for my own well-being, I need to be careful of doing that too much.

I’ve been wanting to go to the vet’s office to have a chat with 2 of the main vets that cared for Hugs because of some information that was not relayed to me. Not to blame but so it doesn’t happen to someone else.  The result could have possibly been the same even if I had done a test but since I didn’t, I’ll never know.

I would like to formally apologize for this post, scattered as always but I’m trying to get it in before midnight:/  I supposed I could gather my thoughts a bit more and post again.


2 thoughts on “Kelli’s Ramblings

  1. Love that you are getting dates. Could the dates help get you to having a baby? I am reflecting on myself as well but are you dating and being the way you wan to be toward you goal? This seems to be a good chance if you are open and honest with what you want. I am also happy to hear about the job as well- Looks like it provides you with a good gym, extra spending money and some structure. I like it as I get to see you from time to time in passing!


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