VT: Sometimes your accomplishments sneak up on you

Hey all. 33 mins past deadline, I acknowledge that.

So I completely reformatted my resume. Finally! I am going to send it out for evaluation to a few friends and start applying for roles! Pretty exciting. I got my friend to send me a template of hers (I was really impressed with it.) and it was a breeze from there.

Creole. I tried to make the Skype call, but the call was full, but I am slated to participate this Wednesday which I am stoked about. I plan on calling my grandmother over this coming weekend. Pretty excited about that.

I just had a moment a few minutes ago where I was struck by how joyful life has been recently and how accomplished I’ve been feeling. Today, I became the business woman that I’ve always wanted to be- the company I’m consulting for sees a future with me in it and a C-level spot. So awesome and it definitely gave me a sense of pride and shift in perspective.

And it’s all about perspective. I am eyeing my vision board right now, and things are coming along. You never know what life is going to throw at you, but you can prepare yourself for both blessings and curses.

Also congrats to my buddy for staffing the Basic! I know you killed it!





2 thoughts on “VT: Sometimes your accomplishments sneak up on you

  1. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that enable us to move forward, and then being stuck seems so silly in retrospect!

    Glad to hear about the all-around progress!!

    Keep it up! πŸ’ͺπŸΏπŸ‘


  2. Your event-planner goal seems inevitable to me; all you’ve got to do is stay in action like you’ve been. There’s no shortage of opportunities for you, it’s just a matter of whether you show up for them or not.

    Lol, that comment totally (and unintentionally) sounds like a magazine horoscope blurb.

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