SS Fun Times

I can’t believe how quickly time has progressed.  It seems like yesterday that we were starting out on PSP Life Cycle 6, when the weather was cold and winter was still rather young.  I am excited that spring is right around the corner! This week was productive as  I decided to work with G as we came to an agreement to start working together, beginning Monday April 4th.  We met in person on Friday and had some nice discussions.   We are both excited to work together.  He is really enthusiastic in learning about Innovations United and supporting me.  I am looking forward to train him and creating a great environment that supports everyone’s goals.  It will be an adventure but am positive and committed to making this successful.

I also had the chance to speak with Emily as there are potential opportunities to work together.  I am flattered that she would consider working with me even if its in the short term.  This morning while heading to the gym I realized that this decision to go with G does not have to be an “either/or” decision but possibly an “and”option.  Honestly I believe that hiring G may not be enough as there are responsibilities/opportunities  that require an additional person.  Initially I will be working with G and look forward to speaking with Emily on how we can work together for a win/win working relationship. She has been really supportive and I want to be the same to her.

I did not progress as much on the dating and intuition goal as I didn’t do as much with this. It was a busy period for me but know that if I am committed to this I will be successful.  I did get to contemplate about what I want and don’t want; however did not act upon it.    I felt a bit overwhelmed and wasn’t committed to being balanced in this area.  I get to give myself permission to date more and be more open.  I believe having extra support on the work front will help me with this. In Life Cycle 7 I will commit to more tangible goals in this area.  I get to be more open and honest with myself and the women I date.

I am really grateful for my small group teammates as I felt that everyone really supported me!

I enjoyed being a part of PSP Life as I appreciated the accountability and support.  I really enjoyed the connections that I had the chance to create with many of you.  I learned so much from everyone’s sharing and feedback!  It was also  great to connect with some fellow ALP4 folks as well.  I got to experience you in a different setting which was really great!  The extra curricular activities made this time even more meaningful including: Karaoke, Daybreakers, Birthday Parties, etc.

I am also grateful and inspired by the one’s who have created PSP Life and those who have been doing this for some time.  It is also comforting to be a part of a system that is the result of a lot of positive energy!  Looking forward to the excitement to continue!




2 thoughts on “SS Fun Times

  1. Hey Scott! I’m so excited that you are moving forward with work support- I think that it might be an interesting transition- sometimes it feels like more work during the training process, but I think you’re right- it will open you up to have more time for other pursuits like dating and it may even take your business to the next level so that you can focus on doing the “bigger” things.

    Also, thank you for your insight- you posted a comment for me that really had me think about how I minimize my success, and allowed me to sit with and recognize that while I may not be where I would like to be, I am doing good things and really growing. I really appreciate your insight, thank you!

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  2. Woohoo! Congrats on hiring the assistant. I’m so glad you’re continuing w/cycle 7 — even though I’m sitting it out, I’m looking forward to checking in with you and hearing about how it’s going. The dating thing will happen, you had a lot going on with your business and sometimes things just aren’t “ripe” yet. But the fact that you had it as a goal, and have been thinking about it what you want, IS progress, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Plus, I find that once we move past barriers in one area, barriers in other areas start to fall; you deciding to pull the trigger with G I think will have a ripple effect in other relationship-like areas of your life, including dating.


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