VT: Last Blog post for Cycle 6

So I made good on my word to Josh- I am finishing strong!

This has been the most engaged and on it I have been since we’ve started this thing a little over a year ago.

As I wrote in the WhatsApp, I am FINALLY going after my dreams and it started this cycle.

I was just ready to take on the slighty scary stuff.

Resume. Learning Creole. Going for my PMP. Consulting for FED. Bitchcraft.

I didn’t follow my PSP to the letter, but I was true to the spirit of it which is how I got here.

I realize that being authentic in what I wanted and being WILLING to put in the work is what yielded my results. Each day choosing to work on the things that mattered to me in an “I GET TO” kind of way.

Yeah- some days totally sucked and I had my breakdowns. But I read a quote that was a bit of a game changer for me. It was something along the lines of learning to use adversity to my BENEFIT. That I use the setbacks to fuel the fire, not to put it out.

I love you all. Guys, we’re getting to our destinations. We’re just now beginning to turn the wheel. #enjoythejourney

See you all on Sunday!





3 thoughts on “VT: Last Blog post for Cycle 6

  1. I always enjoy your posts. Straight forward, to the point, and honest! I really feel your sense of being in action!


  2. “I am FINALLY going after my dreams and it started this cycle.” That is huge! And kudos to you in creating real, tangible results. I mean, that’s really what all the work and insights and risks are about, right? Tangible results. You’ve really been a leader on that front this cycle!


  3. “I use the setbacks to fuel the fire, not put it out”. This reaaafirms how I feel; that our ways of being are so cataclysmicly important when it comes to this and any work in our lives – you are going after your BIG dreams from a get-to mentality and doing the work from that place, authentically and inspired – you’re connected with the power of the universe that begs us to lead lives we love. I’m so excited for you. You’ve always been a powerhouse, but now you’re holding the master key to alll of the doors.



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