Not Trusting My Future Self…Anymore.

In an article regarding productivity, shared with me by a close friend, one particular process stood out. “Don’t trust your future self to do the right thing.” For many years this is exactly what I have been doing and yesterday it nearly had my 16-year career come to a screeching halt. If not for me having one amazing human being for a boss my job would have ended. It would have had a devastating effect in so many areas of my life. Procrastination is a killer, a killer of dreams, a killer of relationships, a killer of just about anything and everything. It’s had its way with me for most of my life. So, as of this writing, we are officially broken up. No second chances, no making up, we are through…period! The other night I questioned whether I should still be a part of this group. Today I realize that my story may have had a different, and very sad, ending If not for the support of my buddy, my almost buddy and the rest of my extended family, I may not have made the deadline of completing my tasks, making even the best boss in the world a mute point. So thank you to everyone who touched my life in the last 6 weeks, you are truly a lifesaver. To my future self; I love you but I will not trust you with what I can do right now.


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