Here I go…

Today I woke up feeling drained and sleepy since I was up late working on my PSP (my own doing!). I had plans to go to the gym with my sisters and my mom at 5:30am. When I woke up, I sent my sisters a text asking if they were awake…secretly hoping that they would not be so that I can be like “hmmm I can sleep in then”…then I remembered what today was: the very first day of PSPLife Cycle 7! My opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the cycle! I noticed that my younger sister was not responding to our texts (my older sister was up and ready to go!) so I called her and the 3 of us were soon on our way (don’t worry, we made sure to reach out to our mom as well…3 of us live in the same house and 1 like 5 blocks away…I know, I am blessed <3).

We had an awesome workout and I felt so good afterwards. It was amazing to continue smg that started last week- the Castellanos ladies working out and getting healthy together (both of my sisters are married, but they will always be Castellanos…husbands or not! lol same does not apply to my mom and her maiden name lol lol lol).

I am excited for what lies ahead and this morning def got me in the right mindset. My only worry is…well…my younger sister and I made a promise to ourselves and each other that we will stick to the 12 week workout plan…no skipping days…but what if she loses momentum? I guess my next step is to have an enrollment plan for when she starts to become unmotivated, to support her and do whatever I can to keep her motivated but also to keep my promise to myself no matter what…sister, sisters, mom and sisters or not…I get to keep my promise and commitment to myself and to my health. Holla!

Also, Angela and I had our own PLP PSP going and we had stat sheets and daily check-in sheets. I LOVED my daily check-in sheet so today at work I created my PSPLife Cycle 7 Week 1 Daily Check-In Sheet. I love it. It helps me see my week in one place, my plans, my goals, my schedule and I get to keep track of how I am doing. I am feeling good and positive. I got this! WE got this, ya’ll!!!


6 thoughts on “Here I go…

  1. Yes! I agree. Would like the chance to see the check-in sheet. I also like how you have surrounded yourself with your family and friends as you achieve your goals! Accountability partners are great!

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  2. Great work Fernanda, I would also lose to see the daily check in sheet.
    I think if you continue to be your word you will inspire those around you. You get to hold your sister high and not even imagine her loosing motivation. However if she does, you get to support her and figure out how you can have her have a breakthrough around commitment and keeping her word. This could provide an amazing opportunity for you and your sister to have a really deep conversation about supporting each other. I guess what I am saying is not to dread what might happen but maybe see it as an opportunity to create even more connection. Breakdowns cause Breakthroughs. Good work on going on your first day even thought you were tired! I Hear you!

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  3. I adore the idea of family fitness! I wish you could upload a picture, of all of you working out together, lol! Keep striving for your health and fitness goals. I, too am interested in your check-in sheet. Please share it! Looking forward to seeing what this week brings you. 🙂


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