Here We Go!!

Day 2!  This week has been off to a good start and I am committed to being focused, balanced, and relaxed while creating fun and connection.  Most of my effort is preparing for next week which entails visiting customers with the President of the company that I formed a joint venture with. He is visiting from Canada.  I will use “K” as an alias to protect the innocent. We will be visiting some current customers and prospects and I am committed to making next week super successful!  I am determined to come from a place of power and abundance.  When I started this business my initial momentum came from both luck and determination to make good connections with the customers I targeted.  I enjoy finding new opportunities.  Honestly I enjoy making cold /warm calls.  They are challenging to an extent but the relationship is new and is open to possibility.  I also enjoy building upon existing relationships as well.    Over the past years things got a little bottle necked with administrative work.  As I got more business I began spending less time on prospecting and more time on fulfilling orders.  I was delayed in letting go and finding someone to support me.   The wonderful Emily has been working with me to create systems to cover the administrative work which allows me to develop business and grow. As I plan this week I realized that I have a lot of catching up to do. I have a lot of leads but get to spend more time in creating connections with the right customers and prospects for this visit.  Next week will be quite active as “K” and I visit customers and strategize for the second part of 2016 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

K and his company bring  a lot to the table including products, expertise, connections, etc. Most importantly my experience of K is that he knows how to play Big.  He has developed business lines that  allows us to compete against some of our larger competitors in areas that would be difficult for Innovations United (IU) to compete alone. This connection will help bring IU to the next step of having more recurring revenues.    I want to make a good first impression during his visit.  I am still behind in scheduling some of the visits but know that it will work out in the end.  I like to book a lot of  appointments to give us options just in case someone cancels, etc. but am doing my best to plan strategically taking into consideration company size and potential to promote a variety of product lines.  My biggest fear is that K will think that I am not effective enough.  However, I know that this is a story as I know we would have never gotten this far in forming a joint venture.  I am also certain that I bring a strengths and components to this relationship.

I am also striving to let go and get things out of my head to be efficient.  I am so used to doing certain tasks myself. Tonight and first thing tomorrow I plan to regroup and  list the companies I plan to contact and map them out accordingly.  I will also focus on these companies as well as the geographical areas around them to avoid traveling too far.  Some times I like to stretch myself  even when it doesn’t make sense to do so.  I get to work smart and efficient.

As for my goal of a more balanced schedule I plan to take some time to plan for a fun weekend.  I know that I will have some preparation for next week but going to see what cool things are happening.  I am interested in attending this event being held on Sunday.

As I am writing this blog I just remembered that my high school classmate produced the following movie and it can be seen this Saturday in Brooklyn.Yes, I have some interesting classmates.

Quite an interesting topic..







5 thoughts on “Here We Go!!

  1. Scottie! You are on a roll! Not sure what’s happening but your energy is infectious in the most amazing way! I love what you’re up to. Know and accept in your heart that you are enough and you have everything it takes to bring your vision to pass and the universe is lining you up with amazing people to support you. I’m so excited to see what this cycle brings you. Love you!

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  2. great energy! looking forward to meeting you (and the others). thanks for sharing…also I am pretty sure I’m going to go to “Sticky”.. it sounds interesting and it’s in my hood! -autumn


  3. +1 to Tamika!

    Suggestions for the upcoming week with K – if you have the time:
    1. Create bound booklets of your upcoming meetings with tabs for each day.
    – At the front list your full agenda by day & geographic region, as well as by hour & by company.
    – In each section, devote one page for each company you’re meeting with, list the time & address, and personnel…if you have 1-2 sentences about the company, even better.
    – If they are a prospect, list anticipated sales
    – If they are a current company, list sales history (Last year, YTD, & last year at this time) plus anticipated sales.
    – Bring a copy for both you & K so you can feel prepped for each meeting.

    2. Create a master list of all the meetings (both confirmed & aspirational)
    – Include company names, contact info (email, office & cell)
    – If it helps, organize by date and geographic region
    – Print and bring with you.

    Obvi, you want all meetings confirmed, starting & ending on time. In case anything happens, you want to be able to contact a backup meeting asap to fill the time.

    You want to step up your game?
    -Give every appearance of being 100% organized (and btw, taking the time to create these MAKES you organized).
    – Give yourself every chance of maximizing K’s time here in NY, esp in client visits.

    Let me know if you have any questions about what I’m describing above…you got this!!


  4. Scott,

    I love how I am seeing more and more of “you” in action making connections, being vulnerable, taking risk and getting stuff done. Amazing! I look forward to you giving up more and more of your admin work and taking on being more efficient. Let’s do this.


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