Friday already?

Good morning, Is it really Friday already?

So far goal 1 studying for my certification is going pretty well. I turned in my application ( a lengthy process in itself) and have consistently studied at least 1 1/2 hours a day sometimes more. I committed to 1 1/2 hours in the am and in the pm each day so I did not stick to that plan but I am giving myself some flexibility since I was traveling, taking care of my Dad, balancing that with not staying at home.  I am on schedule to finish my first two sections by tomorrow night as planned.

As for goal 2: making someone feel special. It was raining on the day I left Texas and the new guy I am dating lives in Texas so I decided to do something to make him feel special.  I made a few rainy day  notes and put them in an envelope and mailed them to him so he should have a nice surprise today even though I am not there physically.

I also made a conscious effort especially on my last few days in Texas to spend more time at my Dad’s apartment during the day instead of running around doing work from a coffee shop or working out. Often I only go by  when I am taking him to Dr’s appointments or to eat after a Dr appointment and then I drop him off and he goes to lay down and I leave. Instead I did my work and studying from his apartment for a few hours each day so even if he was in the other room sleeping I was there when he woke up from a nap. Was this a perfect attempt no? I can always improve and put the work away next time and sit and watch tv with him …but it is a start!

Next week looking to up my study game and focus on positive speak as I find my next special moment to create!



2 thoughts on “Friday already?

  1. Great job!
    Re: studying, good perspective that despite not meeting each day’s goal, you’re still on track with weekly progress, which is in line with the ultimate objective.

    👍👍 on dating a TX dude! Love that you’re creating ❤️ in your life and looking for ways to give in the relationship, esp ways that will bridge the distance.
    Also, 💝 on how you’re being with your dad – I know it challenges you sometimes (being near him and facing lots of issues/frustrations, etc.), and great to see how you can inject more time and love while there.
    Keep it up!!


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