This week has felt somewhat out of touch with reality. I left early Sunday morning for Chicago, ran a conference, had an intense meeting, and landed in NYC late Wednesday night. Attended an all-day session Thursday, facilitated a workshop, headed to happy hour with this awesome family and suddenly it’s Friday. My blog day. I haven’t even been to work yet this week, and I certainly hadn’t thought too much about my PSP goals.

So this morning, I regrouped. I woke up early, cleaned the apartment, sent some work emails and headed to a doctor’s appointment. Afterward I landed at a great café and took in the amazing sun and relaxation, tending to my second PSP goal – self care and finding some balance in my life.

After Passover and the miscarriage I returned to life and had a hard time adjusting. Found myself fairly busy and distracted at work and then sad at night. Really up and down. Totally normal, and I gave myself the space, but I was feeling so off. Fast forward to this week, when I was running around the clock with the conference, and not focused on the difficult and emotional, and I’m feeling more myself. But of course, I’m being careful to continue to give myself the space to heal rather than bury myself in work. With vacation coming up this week and lots of time on planes with Hadar, I’m looking forward to some good processing together!

I did a lot of walking the last few days and commit to a jog before we leave for Israel on Wednesday. I’ll also have my ‘me time’ Tuesday night.

As for my first goal, I did a first-level swoop of cleaning the apartment and also signed up for Handy! It is a cleaning service with a super easy online navigation. I got a few discounts so it was $39, and they’re coming on Monday morning. (For anyone interested in signing up, ask me for a referral and you can get the same price :))

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a cleaning service. That will give me/us a good basis to start my decluttering!

Looking forward to some sleeeep this weekend along with chicken tacos tonight, ALP7 tomorrow and and our small group meeting on Sunday! Happy weekend, all.


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