Inspirations abound

I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to participate in PSPLife. If for no other reason than it keeps me honest. I’ve always been better at being accountable to other people than I have been at being accountable to myself. So, as I sit here, ready to write this blog post, I first complete the emails that I made a commitment to my buddy and small group that I would write. Sure, I wanted to write them sooner. Sure, I meant to. But I went to bed instead. Then during the day, I was busy with other things. But now, as I sit here to write my blog, I remember my commitments and send the emails, like I said I would. Emails that get me closer to achieving my PSP goals.

This is the journey that I’m on. The journey of commitments. But not commitments to other people. It’s translating my dedication to others into a dedication to myself. A dedication to live my life to it’s potential, so that I don’t look back with regret. I listened to a The Gist podcast today (from yesterday, I think) and the guest mentioned his strategy for self motivation. He sees himself as his 100 year old self looking back on today and asks him what he should do. And since he doesn’t want to look back with regret, that’s how he does what he thinks is right. Sounds a lot like something we learned in basic, going further than the goal you want to reach and looking back at how you got there, to achieve the life you want to live.

I don’t want to look back at the things I haven’t done and come from a place of beat-up. I will see every moment as the most current opportunity to be the best me. That the 100 year old me will remember this moment as the moment that I made the right decision. And every moment leading to this moment is one that got me here.


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