VT: Resilence

So I am actually so impressed with myself the last week. I’m experiencing such assuredness in my next steps and am an action taking machine.

Cold-calling and emailing is like my new favorite thing. I’m surprised by that actually.

I’ve taken cancelled interviews and rejection letters with a calmness and confidence unbeknownst to me previously.

I feel like this is because I’m living life well right now. I am exercising, eating well, and seeing friends. My bestie is in town which is awesome. I am calmly creating the life that I want.

I’m dedicating this evening to banging out my outreach calendar. So I can have a full view of what I need to do.

As a big side note, I think I am getting clearer on the fact that event production is my number one and that I’ll learn about digital marketing on the side.

As for the content production, my next posting will be about “How to throw a successful client event.”Look out for it!

(Also, I am a day late on this post. I’ve restored integrity with myself.)


One thought on “VT: Resilence

  1. love that you’re at peace with the things that are happening in your life 🙂

    as for restoring integrity, do you have to restore it w/ the group as well?


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