Enjoying the Ride

I completed none of my goals…but I had a great week. That being said, I most definitely lived them but I did not follow my PSP outline.

On my buddy call today with Jana and I realized a few things:
1. I was tied to how my goal about creativity would play out, instead of becoming it. Ex: I struggled to make time to a complete and entire art project, which is rather time consuming, instead of finding ways to enjoy a creative lifestyle and finding creative outlets in everything I do. Funny, I was tied to the “doing” and not the “being”. That’s a first.
2. I struggled with the questions: why didn’t I complete my goals? Is this a good sign or a bad sign? What does it mean? When do I see results? What did I create this week? Once I begin asking myself these questions (really, expressing self-doubt), I get stuck and paralyzed. At times like these I need outlets to get out of my head. It is from that place that I process best. Only then can I ask myself these questions in a loving and healthy way.
3.  These seven cycles have helped me tremendously and allowed me to begin to understand what works for me and what doesn’t. There is no way I could have even thought of these goals a year ago. Of all my PSPs, I think I am flourishing the most within this one. I get to figure out how and why that is.
4. One of the underlying reasons I created this PSP was to see what I can create in my life with these things in place. I can comfortably say that this week has been productive on all fronts of my life and I am getting closer to building the life that I want and is best suited for me.

While there have been bumps, I really have been enjoying the ride.

Much love.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Ride

  1. You are living your goals! You are maintaining your boundaries, with buy-in from those involved, and can find little ways to be creative every day….even how you get dressed and accessorize in the morning can be an act of creativity! Make a fruit salad for dessert – you create that! Buy some flowers on your way home and arrange them around the house….boom – creative!


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