The Road to Freedom – Can I Trust Myself?

I have been feeling overwhelmed and run down.  I have been filling my time with things that are important to me. Most of my time is spent at work with the bulk of my free time with the girlfriend, at band practice, or psp lifing  After reading an article in the Times a couple of weeks ago titled “The Lies Busy People Tell Themselves,” I realize it’s very possible that it’s only somewhat true.  The thesis of the article is that we often don’t accurately report or know where we actually spend our time.  The author came to this conclusion by logging every hour of her day for a year and then analyzing her time.  Apparently most people exaggerate their time at work, under report their recreation time and often get more sleep than they think.  This spoke to me- I feel like I’m always at work, don’t have enough time for fun and am always tired.  But here I am, writing this post at a bar watching the game with a couple of traveling Aussies.

My theme for the cycle is freedom.  I have been taking some action- cleaning my apt, paying bills, getting more organized at work.  It was great to finally connect with my buddy.  I’m pleased with this progress.  But I continue to realize how much of freedom is a mindset.  All of the nerdy stories that regularly fill the brain with fear – what do you do with them?  I try to recognize them as such.  I try to be with them.  I get to choose over and over and over again…freedom.


4 thoughts on “The Road to Freedom – Can I Trust Myself?

  1. So glad that you are doing jam sessions with the band….sounds like soul-filling stuff. Question for you, what exactly is freedom to you and how will you know when you have accessed that?


  2. +1 to Jill.

    Love that you’re willing to examine this, if only as those are phrases and mindsets that I’ve heard you repeat in the past.


  3. I can totally relate to what you’re currently experiencing. I spoke to a friend about this and she mentioned that it may stem from a scarcity mindset “I don’t have enough time to do x,y,z” I, too, read the article and a lot of it resonated with me– e.g.: so much time is spent on social media 😛 my belief is that when something truly matters to us, we will prioritize and make time for it. for me, it’s all about something being sufficiently important for me to pursue and subsequently, building habits


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