Ryssel here. I had a long socially active weekend at the cost of taking care of myself physically. No exercise, yoga, meditation, and little sleep. Ah that sweet balance. Where it be? Times like these really help me realize how supportive exercise, yoga, meditation, and of course sleep are. When I don’t give these gifts to myself I am a tired, stiff, scattered, unclear mess. Today I allowed myself to rest gently and kindly knowing that tomorrow I will restart my self-care routine.

As for my PSP, I was feeling low energy about it up until now. I just sent out FB invites to my  “Free Yoga in the Park” event both in Colorado and NYC. It’s still a scary thing for me to do but as I was writing the invitation, I got excited it about it! I’m going to get to teach yoga to a bunch of people I care about and care about me! Really this what it’s about-offering the gift of mindfulness and healing through yoga. I get to do that. I can do that! and I’m good at it!

For my music goals I did not set dates with collaborators. It’s a fear of being rejected blah blah blah. This week I get to just do it. I did make an appointment for a free voice lesson trial coming up this week and I’m excited about it!

For next week, I will hear back from the course about teaching psychologically sound yoga and will know if this is something I”ll be doing in the summer. I will also find at least to venues I can be a regular yoga teacher volunteer here in Colorado. For my music goal I will go to the free voice lesson and depending on how that goes I will either research alternative voice lessons places or set up a schedule with that place. I will 100 percent this week reach out to friends to collaborate with and set dates for music jam out sessions. In order to do this I will have to be determined, honest, and vulnerable.

That’s all for now folks. I get to go rest some more now.




2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I feel you about trying to find balance– it’s something that I’m actively working on.

    Would love to attend your event in NYC! Can you post the link in the group chat and/or reply to this comment?



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