1st Check-in

Sooooooo…this week was good then not so good. I don’t know what it is but when I am sharing my progress and results with people… I go into self-sabotage mode. The last half of my week, I ate like crap and neglected all my health goals.

Well, I am taking my daily tracking back to my own private ways but I will leave a copy of my daily check-in on the drive for ya’ll.

I decided that I will quit my job in December so my time that I was allocating to studying is now being allocated to finding secondary sources of income that will become my main sources of income once I leave my job. I worked out a budget and I know how much money I will need to make to take care of all my responsibilities and some fun. The point of this? More free time to look into my  big game plan: med school. I will look into what classes I need and all that fun and good stuff. Yeah. The secret is out.

I sit here after missing a workout today (due to being hungover lol) but after a hot shower, mild yoga and a meditation. I will take care of my health in all ways… mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. I deserve this. I got this. :0)


5 thoughts on “1st Check-in

  1. I took a good look and these past 2 days have been amazing and strong. I noticed that a lot of it has to do with emotional weight. So when I feel overwhelmed, confused, sad, crazy…etc I get unhealthy. Gah.

    Thx for the feedback.


  2. WOW what an incredible new career for you! I want to hear more color…what excites you about it and how do you experience yourself when you see Fery as a doctor??


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