stationary front

I don’t wanna fuckin be doing this right now but trying to just keep my commitment
i haven’t looked at my psp at all this week.
and I’m preoccupied with a work issue of
being “unprofessional”. not cool. and a coworker saying I have a temper. which wasn’t easy to hear, or admit to myself, cuz I don’t like being that person. i know sometimes i don’t know when to keep my mouth shut. or i do, but in the moment, i don’t give a fuck. so changing my way of being is becoming super essential for me now. i’m overwhelmed. and numb. and… i don’t know what else, somethin
i am still excited about my goals, even though i’ve been a stationary front for the past week
peace & love


2 thoughts on “stationary front

  1. Oops, I left you a message but I don’t think it saved. I acknowledge your commitment to yourself here and to being vulnerable with us. It’s definitely not fun to get harsh feedback, especially at work, and it’s good you’re working through it. Question – what are you choosing in the moment when you decide you ‘don’t give a fuck’? How do you experience yourself when you’re like this? and what’s your greatest possibility?


  2. Congrats to you on keeping your word/commitment even though you felt otherwise. Thanks as well for being open and vulnerable with us. If you could go back in time what way of being would you embody and what way of being best serves you moving forward in similar moments? What pain, bad feelings does the current way of being create for you and how much heaviness does that create. Would a different way of being support you in freeing up more space and energy to create more of what you want out of life. Peace….love you sister….


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