I’m in a bit of a jetlag haze, and also can’t stop snacking! (Whenever I get back from Israel, I am starving…because when I wake up at 7 am my body time is already at 2 pm and therefore I’ve already missed breakfast and lunch!)

It was a whirlwind 8 day trip to Israel and Greece, and was a bit of a mixed bag. At the risk of focusing on #firstworldproblems I’ll first share my gratitude that we got to get away, take vacation days, visit two beautiful countries, spend time with family and friends, eat good food and have very pleasant flight experiences. I know I’m living within a certain class of people that can travel like this. Other highlights: quality time with Hadar’s family, contributing (I got to declutter their messy house!), sunshine, a night out in Jerusalem, seeing one of my best friends, and an incredible day tour with family that I adore (not to mention staying up until 4 am with them cracking up and talking).

The more difficult parts? Being swamped with work before and after and not having the luxury of peace of mind that I’m usually able to achieve on vacation. Spending too much time in Hadar’s sister’s house and not getting out and seeing the country. Some usual family drama. Disagreeing (for maybe the first time while traveling?) with Hadar on vacay about the right mix of beach time and seeing ancient ruins. And, a biggie, having some difficult conversations and experiences about our miscarriages with Hadar’s family – while being in a room where everyone has tons of children. People were supportive, but show their support in different ways. It was definitely challenging at points and I’m glad to be back in my own space.

I did face a fear of mine while in Israel through a cool experience called ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ – a 1.25 hour experience in complete darkness, walking through multiple rooms and ending in a conversation in a cafe (while still in the dark – yes I (Hadar) spilled peach tea all over my legs). Now for those who don’t know this about me, my nerd is needing to be in control. As in, not in control of other people, but completely and totally in control of myself physically, emotionally, etc. I don’t like to let go. I don’t even get drunk! I was super uncomfortable every time we did a closed-eye exercise in the training. And my biggest fear in LIFE is going blind. (Well, after getting attacked, which is my true biggest fear). So when our uncle suggested going to this museum I refused. I was terrified. Hadar encouraged me to go and promised he’d hold my hand, and I went through with it. And while it was scary and uncomfortable, I surrendered and even survived. Of course it was a safe space but it was still way out of my zone, and I am proud of completing it!! It also provides incredible empathy for what some others go through, while also normalizing and de-stigmatizing it. Oh and by the way, our guide throughout the dark was, of course, blind.

Last, throughout the week I noticed I’m still not feeling 100% healthy. I’m feeling super bloated. My goal for this coming week is to limit my sugar intake (cut down on sugary drinks, salad dressings, junk food etc) because that usually allows me to drop a bit on my waist. And with a busy week again (facilitating a session on Monday and a panel Mon night, traveling to Detroit Tues & Wed) I am committed to making healthy choices (see food above, plus some good breathing and centering each morning, and a jog on Sunday).

That handles the physical aspect of my 2nd PSP goal, and as for the emotional – I plan to take some down time tomorrow and Sunday to just be, and relax, and give myself some time to think.

As for my first goal – decluttering – I read a good chunk of the KonMari book on the plane (when I wasn’t watching How to Be Single, The Intern, and the Internship – thank you United!) and started paring down on my many books today. Of course, I didn’t exactly follow the KonMari method (take every book in the house, put them in a pile, and go through each one determining whether or not it ‘sparks joy’), nor have I completed the book, so it’s just to get me into the mood. It’s not yet in excellence, I know. I plan to read more over the weekend and create my cleaning timeline on Sunday!

Happy weekend, all – I’m loving everyone’s posts.


3 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. Sounds like your self awareness about your controller side is awake and that you’re willing to shush it in order to live life more adventurously. Your gratitude for the experience while traveling is invaluable! Hang on to that when your #firstworldproblems creep up again. And lastly, let me know what you think when you do complete the decluttering; I read her book a few months back and I found it quite helpful to use a lot of the tools she provides.. I even use her mentality about things “sparking joy” when I am shopping now. It really supported me!! By the way, I met Hadar today at our small group meeting. Stand up guy! Looking forward to meeting you too!

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  2. Wow, I would freak out in a all dark museum too! I admire your awareness around first world problems. To me it seems like you have a good BALANCE with being grateful and also giving room for your downfalls. See what I did there! I also admire that you were so open to your family about the miscarriage. You are one vulnerable and powerful woman!

    After reading this I realized how perfect it is that we’re buddies. You’re such an amazing, powerful, boss woman! I am committed to embodying that myself. It’s lovely to learn from you.


  3. Way to be in conquering your fear and taking on Dialogue in the Dark! It is challenging to open yourself up to something so emotionally deep and to allow others the space to respond in whatever way they do, and sometimes not always the most supportive of ways. Super vulnerable moment and I congratulate you on allowing yourself to be in that space and be open about this experience in spite of your discomfort. As always, I continue to be impressed by you Naomi, and glad you guys got to have all of these wonderful travel experiences. Peace…


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