Hadar – Week 3…

I put on Tracy Chapman’s Change for some inspiration as I write this post.  At our small group meeting today someone referenced a song from Basic and while  wasn’t clear which song was intended, this is the song I thought of based on context.

To explain, while we had initially agreed to a 12pm start time, we agreed to move the time up to 11am based on a request. Having set a calendar reminder and mental note for the small group meeting at noon, I never took any steps to remind myself of the new time and it was a WhatsApp note that reminded me to get my butt in gear. I nevertheless arrived 10 minutes late and restored integrity during subway access spurts on my way down.

To me, this episode was symbolic of my cycle so far – I take steps and put items in motion toward my goal, but remain static rather than shift even when something occurs that demands I react differently.

The good so far – I’ve been nearly 100% with charity, ~90% with making prayer service at Temple, and ~70% with my daily Daf Yomi study (that said, I’m still making it up in the aggregate, so I’m current with the overall study count, just not necessarily studying 1 page per day).

The less good – I’ve chosen momentary and fleeting comfort over exercise; accepting an uncomfortably large belly and uncomfortably tight clothing in lieu of getting my runs in. I’ve had 2 meditative moments, but neither the properly carved out experience that I envisioned when I chose it as a goal.

What’s up for this week: Busy work week, but more importantly, it’s a new beginning, a step left, and a chance to be 100% with my goals. I declared to my small group that I will sign up for a krav magah class by Wed and already emailed a friend for information (she attends a local class).

Quick shout out to my small group for a great meeting today, I appreciate your offers for support and promise to follow up with additional ways to hold me accountable.

Lastly, re: Advanced Ed, Glo officially opened a new training center this weekend right near 35th and 8th – great space for her! She plans to hold many social events aside from the trainings, which themselves will include this summer her first Spanish-language training and a teen training (13-17). If you haven’t participated in stuff in a while, great time to get reinvolved!



3 thoughts on “Hadar – Week 3…

  1. Way to be on moving forward with your goals in significant ways! Congrats on being your word.

    Questions for you, what keeps you static and not reacting to make change. Are you busy in the moment and forget to update your calendar? What is it that keeps you static?

    Do you want to do a race together at the end of the summer, late August or September? Maybe like a 10K? I would be up for a half in the fall too….


    1. Totally down for a race! I find that having that type of a concrete goal makes it much easier for me to inspire myself forward.
      Anything in mid-Setember we can aim for?


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