Yay! and Holla!

This past week was a great week. I did a lot in terms of health and fitness. I did a lot in terms of my future.

I feel good. What has made the biggest difference is the way that I talk to myself, the way that I treat myself when I slip up, and the way that I acknowledge myself for all accomplishements (big and small).

I have made it a point to do 5 minutes+ of mirror work before leaving the house. Mirror work is talking to myself in the mirror for 5ish minutes in a really loving, kind and supportive way. At first, it felt weird, unnatural, silly…then, one day as I was going through my “I love you and you deserve only good things…etc” I said to myself “I forgive you for not taking care of yourself” and I was referring to being in one bad relationship after the other, treating my body poorly (bad diet and no exercise), being hard on myself…and the tears just came pouring out. It has been about 3 months since I started to do mirror work (along with other daily practices) and I can, for the first time in my life, say that I really do love and accept myself as I am.

I have had hard days, sad days, lost a battle or two to fear…but overall, I am a happier, healthier, more courageous, patient, peaceful and loving being. Last Monday I was feeling assy and I reminded myself that every moment I am given a choice: suffer or joy. victim or powerhouse. courage or fear. worthy or unworthy. Last Monday I reminded myself that I always have a choice and I chose to love myself, I chose joy, I chose courage…it was not easy but shit, I deserve only good things, right?

So it has been a freaking awesome week.

And…as Hadar mentioned in his post…The new space for Advanced Ed is amazing. Being at whisper circle and seeing so many grads there and the amazing current LP felt like home. Those who know me won’t surprised to hear that I cried quite a bit. So if you have not been around in a bit or as much, now is a great time to come “home”. Hope to see you around 🙂


9 thoughts on “Yay! and Holla!

  1. i love everything about this post (and you!) – the fact that the word “holla” is in the title, the fact that you described yourself as feeling @$$y (cracks me up every time), the fact that you are appreciating and loving everything that I see in you!!

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    1. and you love my warm and gentle touch hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa awwww I hope that you see you how I see you…then we can see just how beautiful we are.

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  2. Omg, what a great post – from the impact of the work you’ve been doing with and on yourself, to the opportunity and freedom to experience yourself authentically and shift to a powerful place when the authentic place doesn’t serve.

    Keep it up, and yes, let’s get people back ‘home!’


  3. You absolutely deserve only good things! That mirror work sounds super powerful and I love your conversation around choice. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being you!

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    1. Probably a great indicator to try it. 😉 I am here to support you if you are willing and open to give it a try. Who better to talk kindly to than yourself? Imagine how much more you can do for yourself and others if you get to a place where you can be really kind to yourself…hugs.


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