It’s never too late to come back…

IMG_5876.PNGThis whole past week I have avoided the chat, the blogs and everything PSP life and as Vanessa would say, I have been avoiding my goals! Frankly things were going good but in the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t being my word and that I wasn’t in contribution to PsP life and my buddy.

I seriously considered leaving because I wasn’t working on my goals and because I wasn’t participating. I knew I had two options. Leave and try again next time or recommit, learn and stay.

As I watched Game of Thrones this week one of my favorite characters came back from the dead. His new mentor pretty much told him, stop beating your self up for what you did, “It’s Never Too Late To Come Back.” This really resonated for me on a late Sunday night because I knew that it would really support me if I went to the gym on Monday. Mondays are big for me in terms of the gym, they set the tone for the week. I’m happy to say I went back and it was great!

I have chosen to stay, despite being off track from my original goals. I am going to weight my self today and begin tracking my progress again. I am also going to make some time tomorrow to work on the scholarship essays so I can have them done by June 30th.

I want to thank my buddy for always being a ray of sunshine and always checking in on me when I’m hiding. I also want to thank Jana because she contacted me at the exact moment when I was considering my options, and just chatting with her a bit supported my re commitment.




6 thoughts on “It’s never too late to come back…

  1. Yay for recommitting and not leaving. I’ve been missing your energy. You are so powerful and when you don’t show up, it makes an impact. Love you and so grateful to have you in this group and in my life.


    1. I was literally about to post almost the same comment as Emily (surprise surprise). Raul, you bring so much energy and light that when you are gone, I notice! Glad you stepped back in. We have a goal in common so we get to keep each other in the game!


  2. I love you and I am happy that you have decided to stop the self-beat up and to dust of and keep on going. Also, I am taking this a permission to stalk you lol jk jk jk jk lol lol I am here for you buddy…you got this and just be kind and good to yourself. Ohhhh and we can keep e/o motivated…I went to the gym yesterday and today…and almost all of last week…hugs.


  3. Hey bud – happy to join you in recommitting to a health goal. I’ll go for an early morning jog tomorrow and report back.

    Like EmilyP said, I’m glad you stayed as well…to Tamika’s post from this morning quoting TDR, the credit belongs to the man in the arena who strives valiantly.

    PSPLife isn’t about ‘be here because you’re winning anyway,’ it’s ‘be here for the journey.’ And you’re someone we love journeying with!


  4. AWESOME!! I strongly believe that the point is always to learn from experiences and use them as an opportunity to grow. It matters less what happened initially, and more how you respond to it.


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