Cheers from San Antonio

I am currently in San Antonio Texas at a tradeshow. Its been great so far as the new partnership is becoming clearer and will continue to evolve.    I have been non-stop, for the most part, since Saturday when I  departed NYC.  I basically had an early flight and have been either attending the tradeshow and meeting with partners, vendors and customers at night.  Yeah its going well.. I am making new connections and working with the new company. This is definitely a good opportunity.  I definitely get to balance everything that I am taking on with my existing business.  I am going to forego the typical story and share “juicier” stuff

I am in the hotel lobby as my shit computer broke.  Playing victim here.   People want cheap ass computers and these companies have produced them.  I  just get to be more careful.  The bright side is that I have everything on servers and can access my data from almost anywhere. Really it’s the user as I can be more careful.  Microsoft – although an amazing company in many ways makes cumbersome software and is careless. Dell has gone downhill.  But then again I make the same mistakes — buy computers that are not rugged enough and get frustrated when they don’t work.  This is geek talk here but this is my occurring world..

I don’t have many enemies and/or  dislike many people in this world… but there is one person who I used to work with who is at this show.  I worked with this guy from 2007-2008.  On paper we were supposed to be a good team but he had to be the most difficult person I have ever worked with.  This is way before I knew to come from a place of responsibility .  I did a lot of lose / win with him in an effort to be a team player.  I eventually tried to reason with him but he was not that type of person. Now that I think about it– I did come from a place of responsibility in to an extent.  My boss was not a good manager in balancing responsibilities either.    We were eventually separated into different groups as it was not productive for us to work together and other groups needed my expertise.  They brought in another person to work with him and he was still difficult.  He was then fired one year later.  I run into him from time to time.  Basically he is not a bad person but just very insecure.  He was probably bullied by people when he was young.  Many people I know have resistance to him as well.   I have energy toward him and I am guessing he has some toward me.  Our businesses overlap as competitors from time to time.  I suppose that I can restore integrity with him at some point but everytime that I have tried to engage him in the past I get frustrated as it’s superficial as I feel he judges me. My story is that I think he will not take me seriously.   Yeah, I know I can choose to be bigger but don’t always feel that its worth the energy as I really don’t trust him.

I am also reflecting to see if I am really giving it my all.  In relation to the show I have done a lot but know that I can do more.  I talk to most people I believe I should talk with but know that I could step it up more (talk to more potential leads, customers without any hesitation). I can also plan my schedule better and delegate more work but still have some things stuck in my head.  I also feel guilty making time to relax a bit.

I am  holding back with this group.  I have thought about sending some video message etc. from where I have been traveling to but ask myself -“am I oversharing, etc.” ?  I don’t want to steal the thunder of others; or is what I have to share pertinent as well.  I know that these are all unecessary stories.




One thought on “Cheers from San Antonio

  1. Yo! SSR!
    Some great stuff here. Glad to see you’re continuing to build your business, that’s really exciting and terrific to hear about all your partnerships and joint ventures coming together and succeeding.

    Would love to get some more specificity about the trade shows – how many people did you connect with, how many leads are you generating, what’s the follow up plan, and what’s your estimated $ sales growth from this show (same to meetings with K from the other week).

    Re: this guy from your past, I’m sensing a LOT of energy there. Not feeling it worth you – worth your time, worth your energy, worth the mental space and energy, etc.

    What’s your decision on how to handle and move past? What would it be like to meet with him to restore integrity (could be done in 1 minute) as you considered?

    Alternatively, what if this is your opportunity to see his diamond, his greatest possibility and enroll him into it and into the training?

    How many others have stood for him like that and who do you get to be in his life to hold him high?


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