Connection is…Everythang!

First, I’d like to acknowledge that I missed last week’s blog post.  And I get to overcome that.

Next, I’d like to share that I participated in the very first meeting with my small group and it was awesome.  I felt very good in the space of authentically sharing and am grateful for the different yet valuable contribution each member brings.  Another blessing in disguise was that one member could not be on the call (I know everyone doesn’t want their real name mentioned on the blog so I won’t use it here) and tonight we both got very connected to our current decisions and how they are creating the lives we want to have now.  There was something so exciting about us getting that we totally setting ourselves up on new paths that are serving our souls and filling our lives with joy.  & then we even talked about meditation!  In addition, I had a call with my buddy Monday night which was really awesome.  I felt like we broke the ice and had a really good time connecting on Monday.  I’m very lucky to have her, too.

Makeup is going  better than I could have imagined.  I’ll be working on my one-minute pitch this weekend.  Self-care gets to increase!

Finally, I want to send a special thank you to Mara for asking me about being inspiration captain.  I did not want to do it and was telling myself scarcity stories with respect to time.  But, seeking to motivate the group requires that I motivate myself first, so it’s been supportive for me.  Thanks, Mara!


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